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Tekkit Tutorial World [WIP]


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This is a Tekkit tutorial world that (will) have everything. I don't think anybody knows every aspect of the game, so I came up with a concept for everyone to create their own tutorials in a single world. You claim the world, add your tutorial, then post the map back.

To claim the world if you want to create a tutorial you post "Claimed map", then edit your post with the new world download link and what you added/changed.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?5jdvuz4ec7zop67

I started the map off with a few small tutorials.

How to get to the map:

1. Download from the link above

2. Go to start and put in %appdata%

3. Go to .techniclauncher then tekkit

3A. If tekkit is not there then restart up the technic launcher, choose tekkit 3.0.3 then run it

4. Unzip the map (using winzip or 7zip), and put it in the saves folder

To upload the map:

1. Go to start and put in %appdata%

2. Go to .techniclauncher then tekkit

3. Find "Tekkit Tutorial World" in the saves folder

4. Zip it up using WinZip or 7Zip

5. Post to mediafire or other upload websites

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