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  1. Well you are just bumping the hell out of this one. I'll hop on and see how it is
  2. IGN: cproo12 Age: 14, but I really hope you do not simply judge by age. Skype: PM if you need this. I rarely use Skype anyways. Have you ever played a beta modpack before? "no sarcasm intensifies" I have been playing with mods since Minecraft beta 1.4, when I used to love BetterThanWolves. It sure is amazing how much mods have changed. I doubt that is the answer you were looking for though, so if it isn't, I have played many modpacks that are in a testing phase and understand to expect crashes and stuff. Why do you want to play this pack? I haven't been able to find a server that stays up for longer than a week, and it is really discouraging to just restart every week. Are you a youtuber, twitcher, etc?: No. I spend 70% of my time working or doing homework, and thus do not have time for those activities. Any other helpful information? I absolutely love technology, so if you need any help setting up this server or something, I'd be happy to assist you! I also know the mods VERY well. I haven't even played vanilla Minecraft consistently for over two years (unless I was just testing out a beta, but then that isn't consistent!) I live in the Eastern time zone, and live in the US.
  3. Nevermind my application. You list 78 mods and addons, yet it totals 145 mods. I cannot run that, and in that case will not be playing on this server. Thanks for the offer. I recommend letting others know there are 145 mods first..
  4. I didn't realize the server wasn't 1.7.10! I presume you are updating, due to the "maintenance"?
  5. What is you IGN? What can you bring to the server? Why should you be added to the whitelist? Hello! I am interested in joining your server. To start things off, I love Minecraft, but I can't stand playing alone, or without mods. I have been looking for a good server for a very long time, and have yet to find one. I also want to graduate under graphic design, although that will be in a long time. I am currently 13, and a freshman, so most of my friends are 15, and 16. Due to my enrollment, I probably won't have much play time, but I'll play when I can If you ever need any help with server resoruces ( a banner, ad, promo video, etc.) or tech support, I am happy to help. I am a regular on the /r/feedthebeast subreddit, and thus have a lot of knowledge of mods, and fixing mod crashes. I also like the mods you have put together. Besides MFR . I have a slightly out of date computer, and cannot run many mods, but in terms of content, this seems like that pack for me! Thanks in advance. Please PM me if I am accepted, because quoting me doesn't alert me, and I am too lazy too look >.<
  6. Oh. Me and a few friends had a pretty nice base right at spawn there. Could we represent Technicpack instead of tekkit? That way we at least get thaumcraft, and maybe enderIO? Did the post about power creeps on /r/feedthebeast inspire you to do this? Haha
  7. In Game Name: cproo12 Skype: Cproo13 (not a typo, just a gaming alt) Age: 13, although I am used to 15 and 16 year old friends as I am a freshman in highschool. Reasons why you would like to join: I enjoy small whitelisted servers, so I can play from different computers, and I also haven't been able to find a nice server that stays up for more than a week or two > What would you add to the community: I am interested in the IT field, so I'd be more than happy to help solve bugs and more! How experienced are you with mods (Mod list in desc): Very experienced. I have been playing modded minecraft since back when FTB was a post on technic forums custom maps. (Ahh. Memories) The tags on this post though. reddit.com/r/montageparodies dankinthebank uwotm90
  8. I'm not hacking on this server, but you said "Hacked clients are illegal and will result in an immediate ban!" This isn't true at all, hacked clients do the same thing as normal mods do, they add new code to do new stuff. It's just like a mod, for cheating. (such as NEI, or some x-ray mod) I recommend a change Also I love your server! I got a nice base setup near spawn! Thanks!
  9. Hello there I am interested in playing on your custom server, and would be obliged! My in game name is cproo12, and my time zone is Eastern Standard Time.
  10. Torezu should be banned for assuming nobody likes creepers, as shown on Cheap Shot's avatar, there's a heart, which shows that then just want a hug....
  11. IGN:cproo12 AGE:14 Experience with Tekkit: *OFFICIAL* Tekkit Pro How long you have been playing: I have owned minecraft since beta 1.4, I have been playing Tekkit since 1.8.1 (I miss not knowing anything haha) Why would you be a good addition to the server: I build stuff as I would in real life (IE. not just a long floating liquiduct, I would add support poles. I love Tekkit and have outgrown the immature stages, (no I am not in /r/im14andthisisfunny), and I would LOVE to finally be accepted to a Whitelist server that doesn't have annoying staff and I can trust others.
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