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  1. I have prepared an alpha release of the new solder helper (dubbed Modpack helper). It can be found at the following url: http://zlepper.dk/modpackhelper/publish.htm and installs just like the old version. It is not backwards compatible, which means it will not use any old stored information, so you have to reenter most things again. It however doesn't break the old version of solderhelper, so you can keep using that until this version enters proper release. Noticeable changes include: Data is now saved in flatfile json instead of SQLite. FTP upload now has a progre
  2. I think that was caused by a broken dependency. I could not replicate it because it only happened on new installs, but it should be fixed now anyway. And sorry for the very late response, apparently the forum stopped notifying me of changes.
  3. Can the current users of Modpack Helper please answer this: http://strawpoll.me/5061700
  4. ​You should be able to use the linux download, though you will have to install mono yourself. Modpack Helper can be downloaded here: http://zlepper.dk/solderhelper/TechnicSolderHelper.zipMono can be downloaded here: http://www.mono-project.com/download/ Or you could try with the .net beta, though I have no idea how well that performs on mac.
  5. ​It's likely you forgot to open the ports on your VPS or allow external access to the MySQL install.
  6. ​The data you would use to login to the MySQL service either from the console or from MySQL workbench.
  7. I added a little checkbox if you have Modpack Helper configured to use Solder which will force Modpack Helper to pack all the mods again and put them on solder, no matter if they are registered there already. This should at least allow you to get around some of the issues with Modpack Helper not always packing the correct mods, which I still haven't located the exact reason for.
  8. ​I just released a new version which should be a bit more informative about what it's doing, and shouldn't hang that much. EDIT: You can also resize the application window now, and the box with the additional folders will increase in size to show them all.
  9. ​The issue with the odd files should be fixed in the latest update, which you can download by starting the application. The directory listing is more of a cosmetic issue, and I'll fix it once I have a bit more time.
  10. Can I have a screenshot of that? Since it should give you the file name. And maybe the a list of all the files in your mod directory.
  11. ​When using port 21 to connect you don't need to specify it, since it's default. And the "Invalid Hostname" message is due to missing the protocol like: ftp://zlepper.dkI added a change so the protocol is automatically appended to the box when you start typing, so that should work around the issue. I have experienced the first issue you mention with the files, sadly it's not something I can reproduce constantly, so it's very hard to debug. The issue shouldn't happen, since Modpack Helper is told to skip files already on solder, though that doesn't always seem to be the case. I have changed a
  12. From what I can understand you saying it should work just like you it to. Say you have modpack A with the mods: "Mod A", "Mod B" and "Mod D". And you create that in solder and upload all the files. Then when you create pack B with mods: "Mod B", "Mod C" and "Mod D" only "Mod C" will be uploaded to solder. "Mod B" and "Mod D" will just be assigned to the new pack. Or at least that is how it should work if nothing is wrong.
  13. ​Surprise update since i needed a break from school work. Also I'm running out of interface
  14. ​I'll see what I can do once my finals have me a little less stresses (Which means in about 2 weeks) ​I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with this program at all, but I have send a message to some of the technic guys, and I hope they can look at it instead.
  15. ​There is forgeessentials on the server, but other than allow some basic teleporting and keeping backups it doesn't really do much.
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