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[RP2] Crafting issues [SMP duhr hur]

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Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone else is having problems crafting items with RP2 in a tekkit server. I am opped, even though I don't think that would be the problem, and I can't even craft things such as Basalt Bricks. Any insight guys/gals?

[EDIT]: I can confirm that I can't craft Marble Bricks either.

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Ah yea, I suppose I did forget to mention a couple things, server version etc. etc.


Server: Tekkit 3.0.4 (most recent)

Client: Tekkit 3.0.3 (recommended build)

No errors in console. Hosted and played on Home PC with 1 other player (2 total)

PC Specs:

Ram: 10 Gigs

CPU: Quad 2.8 (OCed 3.1) with 6mb L3 Cache

I don't think Video card is at all relevant, if it is, let me know.

I have never had problems hosting and playing on the same PC as the server is hosted, not even a touch of lag.

If you need anything else, let me know. Sorry I forgot to mention them earlier.

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Did you /reload at all? That tends to break some crafting, particularly mod items.

Ah you know what, I did. I am unable to test this at the moment though as I am not near my main PC. I will update you guys when I get a chance

(I used "/reload config")

I'm assuming a simple server restart should solve the problem?

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