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First I downloaded the launcher.  I went in the launcher, selected attack of the b team, put it on version 1.0.12a, and pressed save.  Then I clicked play and it started loading.  When it finished loading, it went out of the launcher for about 5 seconds, then brought me back to the launcher.  A video I watched showed that it is supposed to go to Minecraft, but mine keeps bringing me back to the launcher.  I have tried other versions (older and newer),i have tried resetting it, but nothing is working.  


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Read the pinned post in this forum. Maybe you can find a solution there. If not head for the tracker (also explained there) and do as you are requested to get assistence.


On a sidenote: The massive use of exclamation marks and excessive use of capital letters will not improve the likelyness of getting help ... more of the opposite.

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