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whats the name of the mod that has marble and stuff???

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Marble and Basalt as well as the gems found underground (ruby, emerald, and sapphire) come from the Red Power 2 mod. Tungsten, which spawns rarely underground around diamond level, comes from this mod as well. It does not currently have a use, however it does have a good EMC value. The designer of redpower decided to include all the minerals she planned on using in the future, so that the users would not have to make a new world or go load some more chunks to make use of new features.

Silver ore also comes from this mod and looks similar to tin except it's a little less blocky in appearance. This is used in the alloy furnace to create blue alloy ingots.

Here is a nice wiki for all things redpower related. http://integratedredstone.wikispaces.com/

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