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server plugs??


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Sorry, your not really able to do that right now unless you go with a server host that has older versions MCPC or cauldron that they start your server with.


You have to use cauldron or MCPC but, ever since the DMCA that was sent out to bukkit, all these API's have been shut down.


The Cauldron website is still active. but, there working with spongepowered to release an server api for 1.8 soon.. ish.


Until then, ether find a server host that offers them as startup packages. or.. wait :/


I havent heard anything about spongepowered possibly working with cauldron (the updated version of MCPC+) to create server API's for older MC version like 1.5.2 or 1.6.4

or 1.7.2


that would be awsome if they did dude!  Theres some great mods for 1.5.2 and below that were never really updated. but, are still fun to mess with.


At any rate, your pretty much up bumm creek right now and will have to wait. Sorry

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