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PermX/EE issue

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Well first of all, I would change it so it's like this

- -modifyworld.blocks.place.(30208:?*|27584:?*|27574:?*|27533:?*|137:3|150:1|27579:?*|27580:?*|27581:?*|27582:?*|27570:?*|27538:?*|27573:?*|27530:?*27532:?*|27593:?*|126:4|126:10|126:11|126:3|27531:?*|27583:?*|27530:?*|27570:?*|27527:?*|27556:?*|27555:?*|27532:?*|27534:?*|127|169|208|237|128|27594)

- -modifyworld.items.have.(30208:?*|27584:?*|27574:?*|27533:?*|137:3|150:1|27579:?*|27580:?*|27581:?*|27582:?*|27570:?*|27538:?*|27573:?*|27530:?*27532:?*|27593:?*|126:4|126:10|126:11|126:3|27531:?*|27583:?*|27530:?*|27570:?*|27527:?*|27556:?*|27555:?*|27532:?*|27534:?*|127|169|208|237|128|27594)

When you're using the wild care for the meta data do ID:?*

When I was using PermissionsEX and when I used the modifyworld.craft it wouldn't stop people from crafting the items, so I used the RecipeRepo plugin to stop the items being crafted and then the blocks.place and items.have to stop them actually having the items just incase they were craftable...

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As sparkz said, modifyworld unfortunately doesn't stop people CRAFTING the items, but they won't actually be usable. However in order to stop complaints of "I lost my crafted item, QQ" on your server, go with what sparkz said and download a Recipe Remover plugin (there are a few to choose from).

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Thanks for the suggestions, I actually got modifyworld to block the crafting of the items I did not want in the game. I was also wondering if any of you knew a good plugin for sending in game warnings for when a player mines too many diamonds or other specific ores? Xrayinformer is not working for me and founddiamonds is not warning me either. All I am looking for is some thing to monitor the stone to ore ratio and to flag some one when it is above "normal" and to send that flag to the admin in the server.

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