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[1.7.10] Rebirth V1.1.7 | Tech, Magic, RF based | Quests | Custom Mods | 12/17

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Minecraft version 1.7.10 // Pack version 1.1.7
Forge version 1231 // Pack LINK
Tech, magic, mechanical, science, and yes, even villager noses!
Rebirth Gaming has carefully put together this pack to ensure stability, cohesiveness, entertainment, replayability, and overall awesomeness.
The pack contains ~150 mods, ranging from Thaumcraft to Mekanism to custom mods.
The pack also contains several minor mods that tie together the major ones.
Thaumic Energistics lets you integrate AE2 into Thaumcraft.
Fluxed Feeder Unit lets you use RF with Railcraft.
Technomancy lets you generate RF with Botania.
Those are just a few examples!
We will also be writing SEVERAL quests with HQM to reward players for trying out all of the mods, and for doing some pretty fun and adventurous things!
Overall, the aim of this pack is to create a nice, unique challenge derived from
cohesiveness and deep mod integration.
This pack comes with TWO servers already added.
Hosted via OVH.com
10GB allotted + custom arguments to increase performance
Using Cauldron 1231 to allow plugins
Officially supported - find us on our website or Teamspeak!
World, Nether, and Twilight Forest worlds are pre-generated to eliminate chunk loading lag.
Very few banned items (we only ban items to resolve conflicts or balance issues)
Server configs are tweaked for max performance.
Player economy has been established. Coins!!!
Players are able to earn econ from mobs, quests, dungeons, events, and more.
Players are able to use a global market to trade with other players without needing to set up physical shops.
Players have access to the Rebirth Shop where they can spend econ on most items from mods, plus commands, chat tags, and other fun features.
We also plan to keep things fresh by cycling out/adding quests monthly, creating arenas and events, and responding to player feedback to improve server quality.
Server 1 - Whitelisted. ProjectE enabled. Supported.
This is our primary server. We will be offering official support for mod balancing, bugs, issues, etc.
Our staff will spend more time on this server than Server 2.
This server is whitelisted, and will take requests for being added. Simply reach out to us on our website or Teamspeak and we will most likely add you.
Server 2 - Open. ProjectE disabled. No official support.
Since ProjectE is in a test phase for us, being that we are testing it for balance and proper integration, it is disabled on this open, unsupported server. You are free to join this server, but we will not respond to every issue - just the major ones like server crashes or whatnot. This server will get ProjectE when we are done testing and balancing it.
For 1.1.8:
- Fine tune ProjectE
- Add IguanaTweaks w/ tweaks.
Server Changes:
- Quests will be added in chunks - first starter quests are available now!
- MyTown2 will be installed - Forge based claim protections.
- Pre-generate worlds. (WIP, will pregen overnight/early morning)
- Configure player permission nodes
- Configure rule/info book and starter kit
- Improve user experience design
General planned changes (no ETA):
- Add more quests
- Continue to resolve keybinds. Most keybind conflicts are gone, but only because most mod related keybinds are disabled.
Armor Status HUD, bspkrs,
Status Effect HUD bspkrs,
Technomancy, Theflogat,
Advanced Genetics, ObsiLP,
Advanced Machines, immibis,
Advanced Solar Panels, SeNtiMeL,
Alchemical Bling, dmillerw,
Applied Energistics, AlgorithmX2,
Baubles, Azanor,
BDLib, BDew,
BiblioCraft, Nuchaz,
BiblioWoods, Nuchaz,
BigReactors, ErogenousBeef,
Binnie's Mods, Binnie567,
bspkrs Core, bspkrs,
Blood Magic, WayofTime,
Botania, Vazkii,
Carpenter's Blocks, Mineshopper,
Chisel, Pokefenn asie AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN,
Chisel Facades, Choonster,
Code Chicken Core, ChickenBones,
Code Chicken Lib, ChickenBones,
CoFHCore, TeamCoFH,
CoFHLib, TeamCoFH,
ComputerCraft, dan200,
EnderIO, CrazyPants,
Ender Storage, Chickenbones,
Extra Cells, M3gaFr3ak,
Extra Utilities, RWTema,
FLORA, pixlepix,
Forbidden Magic, SpitefulFox,
Forge Multipart, ChickenBones,
Ganys End, ganymedes01,
Ganys Nether, ganymedes01,
Ganys Surface, ganymedes01,
Hardcore Questing Mode, Vswe Lorddusk Newcastlegeek, 
Hats, iChun,
Hat Stand, iChun,
Hopper Ducts, Fyber Optic,
iChunUtil, iChun,
Immibis Core, Immibis,
Inventory Tweaks, Kobata,
Iron Chests, progwml6,
JABBA, ProfMobius,
Magic Bees, Arkandos,
Mantle, mDiyo progwml6,
Mekanism, aidancbrady,
Mekanism Generators, aidancbrady,
Mekanism Tools, aidancbrady,
Minefactory Reloaded, skyboy026, TeamCoFH,
Mine Menu, dmillerw,
Mobius Core, ProfMobius,
More Player Models, Noppes,
Natura, mDiyo progwml6,
NEI Addons, BDew,
NEI Plugins, mistaqur Tonius,
Neon Blocks, Coolmanzz2,
Nether Ores, skyboy026,
Not Enough Items, ChickenBones,
ObsidiPlates, myrathi,
Open Blocks, OpenModTeam,
Open Mods Lib, OpenModTeam,
Open Peripheral Addons, OpenModTeam,
Open Peripheral Core, OpenModTeam,
Opis, ProfMobius,
PneumaticCraft, MineMaarten,
Project Red, Mr_TJP ChickenBones,
Project Red Compat, Mr_TJP ChickenBones,
Project Red Integration, Mr_TJP ChickenBones,
Project Red Lighting, Mr_TJP ChickenBones,
Project Red Mechanical, Mr_TJP ChickenBones,
Project Red World, Mr_TJP ChickenBones,
Railcraft, CovertJaguar,
Rebirth Items, Coolmanzz2,
Redstone Arsenal, TeamCoFH,
Reliquary, x3n0ph0b3,
Remote IO, dmillerw,
Secret Rooms Mod, AbrarSyed,
Simply Jetpacks, Tonius,
Steve's Carts 2, Vswe,
Steve's Factory Manager, Vswe,
Sync, iChun,
Tinkers Construct, mDiyo,
Thaumcraft, Azanor,
Thaumic Energistics, Nividica,
Thaumic Tinkerer, pixlepix,
Thermal Expansion, TeamCoFH,
Thermal Foundation, TeamCoFH,
Tinkers' Mechworks, mDiyo,
Translocators, ChickenBones,
Twilight Forest, Benimatic,
Veinminer, Portablejim,
Villager's Nose, StarSheep,
Waila, ProfMobius,
Waila Harvestability, squeek,
Warpbook, panicnot42,
Witchery, Emoniph,
Refined Relocation, Dynious,
Fluxed Trinkets, jaredlll08,
Modular Power Suits, MachineMuse,
Balanced Exchange, Brad16840
Backpacks!, Brad16840




Initial beta release.

Skip to 1.0.2

Added the following mods:

Advanced Genetics
Hopper Ducts
Hardcore Questing Mode
More Player Models
Open Peripherals
Secret Rooms

Removed the following mods:


Updated several mods.

Changed the following configs:
Minemenu - added HQM book, warp shop, bank shop, Rebirth shop, Rules and Info, Disguises (more player models).
Added the following mods:

Modular Force Field System (Open on FTB list)
Refined Relocation (Open on FTB list)

Updated several mods.

Downgraded AE2 due to Thaumic Energistics conflict.
Minor update.
Removed MFFS (Decided it wouldn't be super useful on this type of modpack.)

Added mods:

Compact Solars for RF
Forestry Extras 2
Pam's Harvestcraft - disabled bees in config to prevent conflict and confusion with Forestry.
Too Much Loot
Fluxed Feeder Unit

Updated MineMenu config - more default menus.
Updated keybinds config - most non-vanilla keybinds are disabled by default. Map is set to M. Kami armor is set to U. MineMenu is set to R (hold). Few others left on by default. Currently, most, if not all, keybind conflicts are gone. Will continue to configure keybinds to prevent players from having to rebind their keys.

Updated several mods.

Added mods:
Admin Command Toolbox

NEI has been drastically culled. No more clutter from Forge Multipart (panels, covers, strips, etc), no more barrels of every fluid type, etc. All of these redundant items have been reduced to just 1 item each in NEI (for example, typing in facade will only give you 1 facade instead of a facade for EVERY block type in the game.)

Added new keybinds. OmniWrench is V, Mapwriter underground mode is , (comma).
Included other default settings - Master Volume is 10%, Music is OFF, all other sound settings are 100%, Max Framerate is Unlimited, Brightness is Bright. All other settings left at their defaults.

Updated RebirthItems (I blame you, Coolmanzz2!).
Included in this update is a feature that we used to have as a plugin, but is now included in this mod.
Players can now earn lives. Lives are earned by using a heart item. This heart item will be obtained through various methods, such as quest rewards and low chance mod drops (probably boss mobs only).
Shift right clicking on this heart will show your lives balance. If you have lives when you die, your inventory and xp is retained, and 1 life is consumed. If you have zero lives, then your inventory is dropped at death location, and your xp loss is default (still need to look into configs and figure out what xp % loss is. May tweak it.)


Server is public, although still being worked on. You may explore, play, etc, and we will try to reserve downtime during time of no/low players online.

Shouldn't be any major bugs, but if you do run into issues, please report them!

Removed SEVERAL mods!
- IC2 (and all addons), not RF based/redundant against Mekanism and TE
- Buildcraft, redundant against Refined Relocation/Extra Utilities/etc
- Logistics Pipes, redundant against Refined Relocation/AE2/etc
- Factorization, redundant against several mods
- Dimensional Anchors, redundant against Railcraft anchors
- GenDustry, makes Forestry bee progression WAY too easy
- Eureka!, API for BC thus no longer needed
- Dense Ores, caused world gen lag
- EE3, useless because dev is taking WAY too long to update it. Sorry, I gave up hope. We will see you in 2.0 at this rate.

Added a few mods:
- Fluxed Trinkets, allows you to make RF based baubles.
- Balanced Exchange, allows you to transmute simple materials similar to EE2, but without the overpowered-ness of machines.
- Modular Power Suits, needed a RF tech armor mod since IC2 was removed.

Config changes:

- Thaumcraft wuss mode enabled until either A) Thaumcraft updates with a fix to Eldritch Guardian spawn rates or  we find a third-party method of controlling specific mobs. Guardians are causing major lag via high tick rates, and will spawn by the dozen PER PLAYER.
- Mekanism, mobs no longer spawn with Mekanism armor. Some mobs were invincible with armor.
- Botania, flower spawn rate increased.
- Keybinds, V set to Veinminer (but I forgot to change this client side, so it's Shift unless you change it. Will be changed in the next update.) C set to OmniWrench. Several other keybinds were unbound to avoid conflicts.
- Open Blocks, disabled Gravestones. Use Lives or Undertakers to prevent item loss on death.
- Chisel, added all blocks to Forge Multipart
- Few other changes I don't remember off the top off my head.


Added mods:

- Wireless Redstone CRE
- AppleCore (shows your saturation!)

Updated mods (major)

- EnderIO (few new items, no longer supports MJ)
- Thaumcraft 4 (huge changes to warp. Lots more fun, lots more balanced)
- Forestry (supports RF usage now, yay!)
- Botania
~~ Several other mod updates to bring in better compatibility and bug fixes

Config changes

- Veinminer set to keybind V
- Enabled Thaumcraft Warp
- Fixed nether quartz not spawning in the nether
- Deep storage recipe now gives 4 DSUs rather than 1


Added mods:

- Roguelike Dungeons
- Biomes o' Plenty
- Another One Bites the Dust
- IguanaTweaks for TiC

Removed mods:

- FLORA (way too overpowered, replaced it with MPS)
- Veinminer (for reasons)

Config changes:

- Tweaked IguanaTweaks. Vanilla tools are available. Some other things modified to make TiC optional yet encouraged rather than forced upon players.
Official server changes

- Updated Cauldron to 1231
- Made several changes regarding chunk loading, entity spawning, lava flow decay, mob spawning per chunk, and much more to reduce server lag.
- Added a BanItem plugin to disable certain items such as 'admin' chunk loaders
- AFK players kicked after 15 minutes
Edited by Rebirth Gaming
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