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  1. PACK INFO MC V1.7.10 // Pack V1.2.2 // Forge V1291 Support & Feedback site: RebirthGaming.org/Rebirth Search "Rebirth Gaming" in the launcher. Our modpack's primary and ONLY power type is Redstone Flux. No more mucking about with multiple power systems to perform simple tasks. This has allowed us to focus on where mod integration matters - between mods that were MEANT for each other - mods that developers created to specifically be compatible with RF. We are tired of trying to power Thermal Expansion machines with IC2 power, and we know you are, too. Seriously, why force a square peg i
  2. PACK INFO Minecraft version 1.7.10 // Pack version 1.1.7 Forge version 1231 // Pack LINK RebirthGaming.org ABOUT THIS PACK Tech, magic, mechanical, science, and yes, even villager noses! Rebirth Gaming has carefully put together this pack to ensure stability, cohesiveness, entertainment, replayability, and overall awesomeness. The pack contains ~150 mods, ranging from Thaumcraft to Mekanism to custom mods. The pack also contains several minor mods that tie together the major ones. Thaumic Energistics lets you integrate AE2 into Thaumcraft. Fluxed Feeder Unit lets you use RF with Railc
  3. - MOVED SERVER HOSTS! We are now with a larger, extremely reliable server host, OVH. - Increased RAM for this server. Also added several Java arguments that will greatly increase performance. - Added Atomic Science (officially!)
  4. Added additional mods. Mainly aesthetics. - Chisel - MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod - Bibliocraft - Carpenter's Blocks - More Pistons - Atomic Science! Make red matter and anti matter! Replaced previous map mod with Opis/MapWriter. Reason for this change was because the previous minimap displayed player icons on the minimap, something we felt was too OP when exploring and looking for hidden bases.
  5. _____________________________________________________ rebirthgaming.org mc.rebirthgaming.org:8003 Infamy+ _____________________________________________________ -- March Promotion -- Use the coupon code "Rebirth" for a 10% discount on donation features. _____________________________________________________ -Who We Are- Rebirth Gaming is a friendly, mature community managed by knowledgeable staff who have prior experience with Minecraft, servers, web design, administration, and a handful of other skills that allow us to run and maintain this community. While Minecraft is our primary focu
  6. Closing this thread. We are no longer running Big Dig. We opened a Direwolf20 FTB server and will be opening a Bukkit survival server that is Bungee'd to our Bukkit mini games server. This was discussed with current active players, and they concurred.
  7. That's sprt of what the issue was. It was indeed NoCheatPlus, but we opped [buildcraft] and still did not work. We temporarily removed the plugin and it worked. We may keep the plugin removed since it causing more trouble than good on Big Dig, like preventing people from flying with power armor, using knockback with power fist, etc etc. It detects a lot of things that are normal for Big Dig as cheating. I also understand that the plugin can be configured to be more forgiving, but I didn't feel like spending hours testing it, restarting the server, and configuring it. I'll look for a more l
  8. More vote links have been added. Earn economy and points by voting. The top voter of each week will earn even more rewards. Referrals plugin installed. Earn 500 points ($5 value!) for referring a friend. Points can be used to buy creative only or restricted items and kits, like chunk loaders, infinite batteries and power suit kits. Items purchasable with points are constantly being added. If you have a suggestion, let us know! We also installed pTweaks and Simple Restart to reduce lag and keep the server fresh and fun!
  9. Rebirth-Gaming.enjin.com No longer operating a Big Dig server. Mods please delete this thread. We opened a Direwolf20 FTB server in place of Big Dig.
  10. Can't pinpoint this issue. We are still actively investigating it, but I decided to try to expedite the process by asking for help. Simply put, players are unable to place BC pipes. OPs, however, can, which leads us to assume it's a permissions error since those experiencing the issue are in our default user group. We are using Essentials and Group Manager for permissions. We tried to OP [buildcraft], but did not work.
  11. I am not very familiar with CC, but I have seen it used in some pretty awesome ways. (Yesterday, I was toying with a program that turns your OpenPeripheral terminal glasses into Google Glass) Long ago, I was on a Tekkit server (back when it was *just* Tekkit) that utilized CC monitors at spawn to display information such as top donors, top voters, and winners of contests, as well as announcements. I'm curious how to do this. Are there any CC programs out there that still work, and are easily configurable? Or perhaps a plugin? I don't know enough about CC to write a program from scratch
  12. Hello everyone! We are a new, small Minecraft community, hosting two servers - a Bukkit minigame server and a Big Dig PvP/economy/survival server. We have been working for the past month to find a trusted host for our servers, our TS3 and our website. We currently use Enjin to host our website, TS and donation store, and Multicraft to host our MC servers. Both servers are currently up and running smoothly. We are constantly at work trying out different plugins, making heavy modifications to our site and servers, hashing out ideas for ranks, item lists, donation rewards, and more.
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