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Itemducts wont work


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Hey guys, it's been a while since i wrote something here. My hard drive crashed a while ago and my old tekkit world got lost, so i started over again a few days ago. I'm currently working on my MFR chain, but my itemducts wont work as i want them to.


I want them to take out the items from my buffer chests right next to the harvesters as you can see here :



After that, they are supposed to go into a Item Router to be sorted out, so that saplings and seeds go back into the planters whereas wood and wheat should go into my tesseract to get send to my base :



For some reason, the items remain in the buffer chests. I've already checked my tesseract settings, they should be perfectly fine.


Thanks in advance. :)


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You set the one at the chest to extract mode correctly, but it's inactive. Apply either a Redstone Signal or install a Pneumatic Servo and set to be active without a signal. The arrow will visibly light up when it's active.

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It still wont work for me. I've installed a pneumatic servo and set the required redstone signal to low, but the items are still kept inside the chest.






Those itemducts lead to a item router as i said, the green output is for wood and wheat, the black output leads to a loopback pipe to put the sapling and seeds back to the planters.



By the way, do item routers seperate items equally if i set the same item do diffrent outputs?

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There needs to be a valid inventory at the other end of the Itemduct (any end), otherwise Itemducts won't extract. The target inventory needs to be attached in insert mode (blue arrow) and needs no Redstone signal.

I'm actually not sure if MFR Item Routers are considered a valid inventory for this purpose. They should be, but it's a different mod with different logic behind it.


If you set the same item to be sorted into several outputs, this _should_ distribute the items evenly in round-robin mode. But again, not sure if that is how Item Routers work.

Using Pneumatic Servos, you can set up your sorting system with black- and whitelists directly in the pipe heads that connect to the storage inventories. Using Item Routers should work, but it's an exotic cross-mod configuation and may take a little tinkering to get right.

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