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Minion probems - LAN World

Amethyst Moon

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My daughter and I were playing on this awesome seed we found and we decide to give this minion thing a try. My other daughter has used them a lot on a single player game, so we figure why not. I started the LAN on my pc and my daughter joined. We went to a suitable place and she joined the dark side LOL. The first weird thing is I received minions but no minion staff even though I was not trying to summon them myself. She had her minions dig a mineshaft. My minions went away. BTW we are both in morph, as bats. When the minions we doing their thing, we were getting bored so we were checking out the caves they were exposing, but I suggested we should go back in case they dump their stuff on the ground. When we got back things went a bit weird. My inventory filled up with zombie meat. Just what everyone needs...27 stacks of zombie meat LOL. Our FPS dropped to 0 and the lag would end. We tried unsummoning the minions. We tried moving which a joke....one block per minute LOL. We realize things are not going to improve on their own so we start quitting out. First she left, then we both left. After doing that, I have her rejoin with cheats on. We tried teleporting away. She was able to dig a straight line, so she teleported me there, so we are now both away from the mobs. But whenever I rejoin, it's still stuck at 0 fps. The best I can get is 3.


Is there anything I can do to fix this. I really liked this map and we built a pretty cool house.




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