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Destroy the Core New Gameplay Arena Type

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New arena gameplay type!

NOTE: This is a variation of a gameplay type I tried long ago and would now like to make it more epic using the new stuff of Tekkit. Credits go to the original maker of the idea.

This is also a work in progress post. I might add pictures eventually and add more content.

The basic concept: This is a full out PvP, destroy, kill, battle make stuff explode gameplay type.There are two ships (airships/spaceships) that are identical to each other, except for different color markings, that are lined up next to each other. Each ship has its own team which will wear different pieces of armor. One team with chain, the other with gold for example. This will allow the teams to be distinguished from each other. Now each team will be given chests with supplies (bows and arrows, swords, TNT, blocks, you name it) that will help them succeed to get to the other ship across a gap with void beneath it. When they reach the other ship they will attempt to get to the "Core" and destroy it. Each core will be made out of blocks that take a long time to mine, and the core will contain lava. Once the core is smashed and the lava flows out into the void its game over and the team who smashed the core wins. Along the way the teams are free to destroy the ship and kill each other.

The Ships: The pair of the ships will have to be identical except for different color markings (Like red and blue wool). Each ship will be connected to the spawn platform by a bedrock tunnel that is one way only. The ships can be of any design you want (but as a general rule of thumb: it's more fun if the ship looks cool, so feel free to use pipes and wires and stuff for aesthetic purposes). Each ship will also have its own "cannons" made out of Railcraft launchers and TNT carts. The ships can have as many as you like. There also must be a supply room near the bedrock tunnels for team members to grab supplies and gear up. The core is best place near the center of the ship for more exploding/killing fun on the way there. Ship sizes are up to you although its best if its proportional to the team size (so maybe something like 200 blocks long for a team of ten and not a 500 block one for a team of 3).

The Core: The core is the most important part, yet its also quite simple too. You want the core to be made out blocks that take a while to mine like obsidian or reinforced stone/glass. This will mean that your teammates must cover while you mine, encouraging teamwork. The core must be a few blocks thick so its not such a quick job and best if its blast proof. In the center there must be a lava source block. Feel free to have pipes and wires coming out of/surrounding it for more challenge/aesthetic feel.

Teams and Gear: The teams can be as large as you want. Just make sure that the ship isnt too large/small for the team size that it takes away from the fun. Each team will have its own unique piece or armor. Some ideas are:

-Bronze Armor and Iron Armor

-Gold Armor and Chain Armor

-Nano Armor and Quantum Armor (although these are probably too OP)

The gear can be whatever weapons you want as long as they are equal for each team. You could have any type of sword as long as its not too OP. Bows are ideal for knocking people of narrow ledges and bridges and into the void. You can also have TNT and iTNT. Nukes will destroy the entire map and so will nova catalysts/cataclysms so those are a no-go. Feel free to install a enchanting station with XP potions to give cool enchantments and spice up combat.

Resetting the Arena: With world edit's ability to copy and paste, this would be good to reset the arena. You could probably tweak a hunger games plugin to do so to. But I'm gonna be honest. I know next to nothing about plugins so your on your own.

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