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  1. I downloaded and installed it. I tried to run it but i didn't have enough RAM. D: I was really looking forward to it too!
  2. Did you migrate your account so its a Mojang account? If you did use your email.
  3. He never directly states that they will be switching to FTB modpack instead of Tekkit. They have the yogbox in there now, maybe thats what he means.
  4. I feel bad for him. SO close to the whale box, but not bad good enough... Poor guy...
  5. I built those in vanilla. If I only had tekkit blocks...
  6. Have you looked at how much power your refinery is getting? The pump is pumping it out to the the tank like it should. The tank is receiving but very little fuel is actually getting made but its barely enough to even render. You need at least 1 combustion engine to make any progress refining fuel. By the way conker, its not technic team's fault. Its because your not giving the refinery enough power. If you want to complain about it flickering go to spacetoad. Now calm down and figure it out.
  7. Try something bigger like a B-52 or maybe an AC-130? Sorry I couldn't post the images, only links were working.
  8. They don't last long thanks to the staff who weed them out.
  9. Let's be total asses and remove the Yogbox from the launcher while we're at it. I'm sure everyone will love the Technic community then!
  10. Don't forget shittyshitshit! I'll give him extra points for getting straight to it.
  11. I don't see why there would be a need to heat people's homes in Minecraft. It would just be another liquid mod makers would have to code.
  12. Why would slowpoke be banned? Do you want to more flamewars? Now more people are going to hate the technic community. Whenever I'm on other forums and servers I'm careful with the use of the words technic, tekkit, ect. and Im going to have to be more careful now.