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Voltz recommended changes


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I have been working on a stable tech mod for a while now compiling a good list of mods that compliment each other. 

I started from the grounds of voltz 3's mods and worked around that.


I'm mainly posting this to give a recommendation from my point of view changes that would be beneficial for voltz.


Remove: Forestry, Extra Utilities, Mad Science, Minechem, Open Blocks, Not Enough Codecs, Open Computers, Zans Minimap.



Add: Mekanism, AOBD, Big Reactors, Compact Machines, Computercraft, VoxelmapNoRadar


Main reason for the removals is I think there is a lot of mods that make up the B-Team modpack and i'd rather voltz be a tech mod that it was built for than a mod that has bee keeping.


Feel free to post your thoughts, I think it would be good to have players ideas on changes for the next update so you can create the perfect modpack.


Thankyou for reading



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