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  1. djoveryde

    Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!

    That's likely the version I have then, just found it in a reverse way.
  2. djoveryde

    Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!

    I've got a working version of hexxit gear going into my Hexx pack Wednesday. Let me know if you need me to send you a copy iskandar
  3. They are working hard on an update release, some of the core mods are still being worked on but not ready for stable release yet. Give it time, hopefully next update will be so fine tuned that bugs, dupes and glitches are a thing of the past :D
  4. Reactors are bugged right now, just gotta wait for the next update sadly :(
  5. Seems modflags are still dropping out on restart as just lost spawn because of it :(
  6. Until the UE network is released stable for 1.7.x and someone completes an icbm port to 1.7.10 then it could be considered. I'd love for it to release in 1.7.10 as that seems to be far more stable right now
  7. Unless it's crashing the server or isn't working assume it's fine. Me cable I believe can be connected up together
  8. aVolts 1.7.10 out of Alpha, deep into beta! No issues so far! Power Suits recently added to the modlist as well!

  9. Ok, i managed to get a burst of power first time, then it just stops... Nothing changed from the point it gets power so im stuck again..
  10. Tried both individual and large even with steam funnels still nada, many of the mods are really out of date and experimental builds, there's stable releases now that are far more up to date, I've tested the latest version and it works fine on multiplayer. Just desperately need an update to all the mods seeing as the modpack should be updating constantly
  11. Done all of that, multiplayer give no power output even though the reaction is occuring. Singleplayer works fine.
  12. Most of the mods are now outdated and items dont work correctly. Single player reactors output power, multiplayer they fail to output.. Please guys issue an update just to give owners the latest mods, most of the issues have been fixed in the latest mod versions. It'll hopefully fix most of the issues keeping the server from going recommended
  13. Power is a nightmare in this, gotta have a science degree to make a reactor :-p
  14. So I have tried to pump power into a reactor with no luck. There seems to be no power option that actually kick starts a Plasma heater...I mean, if this mod is gonna go somewhere surely you would need to have things compatible to start with...
  15. I've also tested Mekanism as an added mod within Voltz and so far no issues with the latest version. I would advise the team to add it, and see if they can utilise it. Power in this mod is hard to create, and it will be even harder getting people to move from 2.0.4 without it.