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Treecapitator+Charged Flux-infused axe=crash


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Looked around for anything that looked like this and I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but every time I hack away at a tree (any kind of tree) with a flux-infused axe that's charged up, tekkit crashes.  I can only assume it's because two packs are trying to do the same thing at the same time (knock the entire tree down in one hit), but it gets annoying to have to remember about it.


This happens 100% of the time on multiple pc's with various builds, memory levels, operating systems and java versions, so I've pretty much ruled out end user setup issues through trial and error.


Anyone know of a fix for this, or if it can be reported to the mod devs?  It's not a severe thing I'd add to a tracker it just gets on my nerves.

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The mod devs can't help you here, as everybody has moved on to newer versions long ago. Tekkit is ancient as it is now.


And yes, this is a known issue that won't be resolved any more. You can avoid the crashes in two ways:

  • hold sneak (default: shift key) when chopping to override Treecapitator
  • deactivate the Flux Axe, as it won't do its magic when it's powered down

Strictly speaking, one of these effects should have been deactivated in config by the modpack curator. The mods are both working fine, they just clash at this point.

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