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Looking for like-minded souls

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Ok finally after spitting forums and shit i found people wou want to play normally. Kinda fresh to tekkit itself but seen lots of vids and learning each moment. The thing is i would love to play with u guys. If needed i got my own server up if some1 wants to start a new one.

so here is some info about myself i hope i fit in :D

country: The Netherlands

Age: 21

Playtime: Can play almost full days exept for some work days

Skype: Bandenspoor

so looking forward 2 get 2 meet u guys and just play and make an awsome world.

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ok so the server ip is dynmap link is the permissions are set in such a way that new people cannot distroy/kill/die anything but can move around and chat i have changed the map again due to plugin upgrades so fresh start and the server will be live later today ie 4 july. i require all new people to have teamspeak3 (http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads/) teamspeak ip is: cga-clan.dyndns.biz

hope to see more faces in game soon

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