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Destroying obsidian at range?


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I'm fairly completely new to many of the mods in this incarnation of Tekkit, and was trying to make a battleship using RIM, and I've determined that, barring MFFS fields, very little can do any damage to Obsidian.

I'm using the 1.2.10cx, and thus far....

1. I've discovered that Plasma can wreck almost anything besides electromagnetic shielding, Obsidian included, but unfortunately, I don't even know how to properly generate it, and weaponizing it at range seems extraordinarily difficult.

2. IC2 is gone, and EE2 is dead-as-a-doornail, and ICBM seems to be conspicuously missing, so there don't seem to be nukes or near-nukes in the game, or mining lasers, for that matter.

3. Antimatter allegedly explodes violently when thrown, but thus far, I don't see it doing that.

4. Vanilla TNT cart "nukes" are unlikely powerful enough to break Obsidian.

5. Mining turtles work, but they don't cause instant destruction. At that point, just run over and mine it yourself. The only way to make a mining turtle an effective high-powered weapon would probably be to send a swarm... or to just say "F*** it all" and make them into a Von Neumann device.

6. Particle accelerator beams look like promising weapons if they can stay intact in air, but I'm not entirely sure how to make them, or control them.

7. While Pyrotheum is generally quite destructive, obsidian just gets lit on fire, not actually damaged.

8. As cool as they are, SPAMRs don't destroy obsidian. Neither do Cannons, dynamite, "fishing rods" or any other throwables I know of.

So... is there any known way to make an obsidian-destroying cannon besides just using MFFS?

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None that I know of.

Note that in old 1.2.5 Tekkit (now Classic), IC2 was responsible for reducing Obsidian blast resistance considerably. In vanilla Minecraft, Obsidian is supposed to be the near-unbreakable ultra hard stuff. Only IC2 with its nukes (not really fair to call them "reactors" when their primary purpose was blowing up) wanted to be extra nasty and force players to use its own "unbreakable" blocks. IC2 generally was nasty towards players. Good riddance.


But the pack you are trying out now is ancient and deprecated in itself. A new 1.7.10-based Tekkit has been announced, so I suggest you don't dig too deep into the rules and quirks of what is essentially a pack on its way out.

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At this point, it seems like using MFFS is the most practical option, and probably the only practical option.

Problem is that if you allow MFFS, you have indestructible shield bubbles.

Hmm.... unless someone here can explain how creating plasma from a fusion reactor works, and if there is a way to shoot it.

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