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TheMinerScene, HighPowerGaming, and Myself. The Story.


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This is the story of TheMinerscene, Highpowergaming, and myself. Before I continue let me warn you know this will be a lengthy thread but hopefully you enjoy my past, for those who were around when it was just Technic and Tekkit (Know known as Tekkit Classic) you may remember these names.
I. The Beginning
Well, I guess I might just jump in, it all began with my self and two other people, at the time like most minecraft (tekkit) players we hopped server-to-server when ever our bases got destroyed or another inconvenience, this was normal during this time. My name, Joshua (MC: Funkid123) the other two, Hunter, and Bog we decided that we would join Creepercraft (know known as AdultCraft). We spent around two weeks on this server before I met a probationary moderator by the name of Flashman. Flashman was a friend of the owners along with a bunch of the other staff members, also considering he has been on the server a lot longer than us he decided to help us out after he saw our rag-tag set-up consisting of a under-ground building with a bunch of M1 Enegery Consensors, this is really where our friendship began. 
The two I previously introduced Hunter, and bog decided to leave the server I decided to stay. After about two-three week's of playing with Flash on a daily basis we had a friend who lived in the owners house, his name was Noah, we decided to raid it by cooperating with Noah and gaining a "TPA" (A plugin used at the time to teleport to other players) where we than robbed everything and blew the whole place up with Nukes. The owner at the time did not appreciate this at all, threatening to ban us all unless we were to give back the item, like anyone who liked a server we did so. But, this situation sparked an idea of starting a server. Flash knew someone by the name of Mr. TMS (Tristen) who was in the works of starting his own Tekkit server. We remained at creepercraft for about two more weeks, during those two weeks we were assisting with the development of the soon to be known as 'TheMinerScene'. After those two week's we decided to completely leave creepercraft and go full time over at TheMinerScene (TMS), the development of the server soon leaked (Not by our choice) over to the staff and players of creepercraft, where they swear if we were to server advertise not only would the owner be banned on the server, but all players that partaked in that server. 
This kinda settled down for about two more weeks where all we did was work on the server and run a "Alpha" phase, where we only allowed people who passed an application to enter the server and give us feedback, nothing else, we did no advertising, our players did it for us. During the Alpha phase we were gaining around 20-30 players just for testing and feedback, we began to slowly get threats already, even though the server wasn't even up yet. After those two week's we finally opened the server, where we reached 150 players within the second day, soon raising to 200 players on a daily basis, at which point the problems started. We received our first DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack upon our servers from the one and only Creepercraft, one thing that should be known the owner of the servers, Tristen owned several servers within a DataCenter around his location, the security method for the server once attacked they null-route the IP Address and counter-attack the IP Address for 24-hours. Now, the attacker was not the main owner of Creepercraft, it was the co-owner, the owner has no knowledge. So, as soon as TheMinerScene went offline, so did Creepercraft.. but TMS was able to come back online within 30 Minutes. TheMinerScene did not condone attacking, nor server advertising, we practically begged our DataCenter to withdraw the counter attack...
II. Before the High Times
Already, our servers have undergone DDoS attacks, not even within three weeks of our servers being open. Now for some reason an automatic rival began between Creepercraft and TheMinerScene, without either side's owners knowing, or condoning, both sides of our administrators were taking part, we didn't want it. It began to get really bad when our players were going over to Creepercraft and advertising TheMinerScene, were they soon put a ChatCleaner on with anything to do with "TheMinerScene", "TMS", "Flashman", "Funkid", or any other related name; the out put -- "I Love CreeperCraft and I never want to leave!", our high command team still did not understand. Now, the internal drama. Within our team we had Tristen (Mr. TMS), Nexus (NexusTMS), Josh (Funkid123 - Me), and Joshua (Flashman), we were not having truly any problems at this time, we were capping around 200-250 players on a daily basis. Around this time we met two new people named John and CWarn, both two really awesome guys, or at first they seemed. Although we had around 250 players we had no donation system in place, so we were struggling to afford our services, CWarn offered to host our servers on one of his dedicated servers, after about two-three week's of talking we finally accepted, as we felt it was the best for the server and it's players. But, the server problems were not our only ones, for anyone who started a server during this time understood the same problems, Grief protection and rule enforcement, it took us countless spawn recreations, load-backs, and plugin modifications to get it to where we had a safe-spawn that didn't need to be reset. Rule enforcement was another thing that everyone struggles with, we winded up hiring around 20-25 moderators and 10-15 administrators to manage to keep everything inline. 
After switching to CWarns servers a part of the deal was to promote both John and Cwarn to the 'Co-Owner' position, which we really saw no problem and did so. While on CWarns servers we received countless attacks once again from Creepercraft so the only option we saw was to completely remove them from the set. I do not, nor will ever condone attacking someone but in this situation we had no choice. We did it in small sets, first we bombed their service provider with DMCA's, which suspended their services for about two-three days everytime we did. We began speaking with the CreeperCraft owner at this point where he informed us that he had no idea that any of this was going on, he was informed if the attacks were continued we would completely take CreeperCraft down, he attempted to have his staff team along with his Co-Owner stop but they refused and continued to attack our services, At Which point we took CreeperCraft down for three straight week's not allowing them to come back online, at which point they officially closed down as CreeperCraft's service was hosted in a local residence which could not handle the bandwidth usage. We no longer faced any problems with CreeperCraft or there administrators, frankly a lot of them came over to our services and became very good friends.
III. High Times (The First time)
TheMinerScene was doing the best it has ever done, maxing out right before 300 players everyday, and on weekday's, back than for Tekkit that was a lot. Well, atleast to the Public eye TheMinerScene seemed like it was doing it's best, we still faced minor griefing problems which at this point we did not understand. Myself and several other team members decided to create a massive, and amazing spawn to wow players when they first joined, so we did. We worked atleast 20-30 hours into the spawn as we had mass-amounts of players on the server, CWarn was very happy with the out-come and decided to claim the spawn as even a no administrator modification zone, which we all agreed with, to add a finishing touch CWarn created a golden Toilet right in the middle of spawn, which was grief in the middle of the night, CWarn, and only CWarn was furious, at this time we were running a modified version of bigbrother, Cwarn checked, it turned out Flashman had griefed the toilet as a joke, CWarn didn't take it that way. It also didn't help that several times previously we had to temporally remove Flash (ban) from the server to prevent him from coming on when completely drunk and destroying stuff. CWarn decided it was the final straw and fired him, completely blocking his IP from all of our services to avoid any further contact. We were all shocked.
Around this point we brought on another staff member, her name was XTC. 
This is a sneak-peak right now, story isn't even half way finished. This story will be updated within ONE WEEK's TIME with another update, this is about two whole reals, the drama, and the secrets compiled into one. 
Feel free to ask questions, or just say if you were around for all of this.
Some old stuff:
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