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I played tekkit a while back (when it was in 2.1) and now when I come to update to the newest version my equivalent exchange blocks are invisible (by that I mean i can highlight them but not interact with them) :(

This is on my own private servar and I don't know whether it is a problem with me or the server but all of the blocks are missing, I still have all my items related to EE, I still have everything else, it just seems to be the relays, collectors and condensors.

If I open a chest that contained them, my game crashes, if i try to break them, my game crashes.

Please help!

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Tekkit 3 introduced the Anvil world format. Several mods' block IDs have also changed. You need to use a program to convert your world to the new format, that program was here somewhere sometime. Someone knows where it is. Remember, all Forestry items (electrical engines, peat engines, all automatic farms etc) will be gone since Forestry has been removed.

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