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[1.7.10] Almura [PVE][25][Almura]

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Modpack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/almura.392311

Server IP: srv1.almuramc.com (simply click "Join Almura" in the client with our modpack)



Almura is the culmination of countless hours of work between the members of the AlmuraDev team in bringing a truly unique Minecraft experience front and foremost.

Beginning August 21st, 2011, Almura's humble beginnings were of friends getting together to play "the cool new game called Minecraft" and branched out to a community of extremely dedicated players (some of which have been around for years). What we bring to the table is a fun and friendly environment to play the game with tons of new content and features.


What first started with Spoutcraft, which set out to provide custom content for Minecraft/Bukkit players, turned into a spectacular mod that strives to provide everyone an enjoyable game experience that expands upon that which Minecraft brings. Using both Forge and MalisisCore (GUI framework) as the base for our mod 'Almura', we feel we've accomplished something amazing!



These are the requirements you must meet to be able to play on our server and/or use our modpack.

  • 4GB+ RAM
  • Java 7 (64-bit) or above
  • Almura Modpack (listed above)


These rules are subject to change. Any violation of these rules can result in supsension of services provided by AlmuraMC. AlmuraMC staff retains all rights to pass judgement on actions to determine if any punishment is warranted.

  • Don't Grief
  • No fully automatic Mob/XP Grinding Farms
  • Don't ask for teleports
  • Always report exploits
  • Don't ask for any administrative/op permissions
  • Don't ask for time and/or weather changes
  • Must be 13 or older to join
  • Don't threated users or the server
  • Don't deliberately annoy management
  • Don't use unauthorized client mods (X-Ray, etc)


Block, Item and Entity Loader

We built a brand new content loading system based off of Spoutcraft / MoreMaterials SMP package loader. Our system is currently loading configuration files, model formats and textures for over 1,000 custom blocks, items, food and tools. This system allowed us to load additional items easily without creating new classes for each item we want to add.

Custom Farming System

We currently have 38 additional crops that players can find, plant and grow. All of the resulting items from harvesting these crops are using to create one of a few hundred food and drink items, all of which are consumable and have their own benefits.

Custom GUI and HUD Layouts

Using MalisisCore as our basis for our render engine, we use their API to construct the GUI's and the HUD layouts that everyone sees when playing on Almura.

Editable Signs

You can edit existing signs by sneaking and right-clicking the sign with nothing in your hand.

Colored & Formatted Signs

Signs can use any of the Minecraft formatting codes found here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Formatting_codes. Use the "&" symbol before the numeric color code.

Extended Text Signs

Signs on Almura can hold up to 30 characters instead of the default 15.

Multi-quantity Recipes

It is possible for recipes on Almura to consist of the following, 64x seed corn (multiplied by 8) and then a empty barrel for example in the center. The resulting recipe creates 1 Seed Corn Barrel.

New Chest Types and Containers

Currently we've added 7 new chests. Some of which are 27 slots in size some are 54 slots, that only take up a 1x1x1 area. Two of these chests, "Quantum Chest" and "Dock Chest" have a fill indicator on them. Green means the chest is empty, Yellow means the chest has inventory in it but isn't full. Red means that all slots are filled.

Rendering Optmizations

Chests, signs and item frames are extremely hard on the games performance. Knowing this we've added some options to Almura's "Configuration" panel that allows you to set the render distance for these items.

Load Time Optimizations

For a long time, Forge has when it loads, stitched the texture pack twice. It isn't needed if everything is performed in the right order. Due to the amount of images that Almura uses for its content this could easily add 15-30 seconds of load time for most computers. We fixed this issue so that the client only stitches the texture pack once.

Custom Wall Blocks

Forge has a bug where custom wall blocks won't link with vanilla wall blocks. We fixed this bug in Almura.

Creative Menu Alphabetic Sorting

Forge currently sorts all the items in its tabs via the ID number it associates with the item when it is first registered with FML. We felt that this was terrible for easily finding items within the creative menu so we devised a way to sort them by their Alphabetic name in which is used when the item is registered.

InventoryTweaks / Bukkit Conflict

Fixed a conflict within the Cauldron server whereas a player drops a large quantity of inventory items on the ground or into lava, the server would kick the player because they thought the player was trying to hack.

Fertile Soil Modification

If you have fertile server in a biome wheras its humidity level is > 0.4 the soil will turn and remain as "fertile" vs. the dry look it has.
















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