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Tekkit server will not spawn oil.


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Issues go on the tracker, so I will treat this as if you just had asked "how do I oil?".


Buildcraft oil predominantly spawns in and around ocean biomes. It always has a surface geyser, the height of which indicates the size of the cavern below. There are, to my knowledge, three sizes. It should be trivial to find those if you keep prospecting along coastlines.


Galacticraft oil only spawns underground, and is usually quite ubiquitous, but even more so under Desert biomes. If you want to unearth some, just set up a quarry in a desert and you should hit plenty of deposits. The problem is usually having too damn many of them, not the other way around.


Of course, make sure that you are actually running a Tekkit server. If you do it wrong and start the minecraft-server.jar instead of using the launch script, you will be running a mod-less vanilla server which of course cannot have any oil, or any other modded worldgen features.

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