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[1.6.4]MagiCraft[PVE/PVP][10 slots][Whitelist][MagiCraft: Tech Plague]

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[1.6.4]MagiCraft[PVE/PVP][10 slots][Whitelist][MagiCraft: Tech Plague]

Modpack Page: http://technicpack.net/modpack/magicraft-tech-plague.573447

The server is pretty free but no items that you know will lag the server.

PVP is enabled but is not encouraged.

I made this server because I wanted people to interact using my modpack.


This is a private server for those who application gets accepted.

You must have hamachi and skype.

The application is this:




Time for playing:


Skype name:


Reason for joining:


(All required)


Those who get accepted will be invited on Skype and given the ip.

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