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My Technic Launcher works but none of the mods are there for Tekkit

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Hey guys, hope yall know he answer for this one. My Technic Launcher works fine and dandy andwhen I select Tekkit (Choices are Technic, Tekkit, Yogbox, Voxel, Hack/Mine, and Vinilla) it loads up fine; I can play all I want to. But, the problem is, none of the mods are "installed" or "activated". When I load up a single player world, none of the mod items are on the "too many items" screen and when I try to join my friends Tekkit server, It says I need the following and lists all the mods that are in Tekkit. I have tried re-downloading and restarting my PC. If you guys know the answer, please let me know.

-Thanks for the Help!

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Backup any saves you may have on any of the modpacks (found at %appdata/.techniclauncher/) and then completely remove the .techniclauncher folder. After that, redownload the launcher and insert your saves back. Also make sure you have the latest launcher version,

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I have the same situation as nattytom501, and my friend does as well, and the fix suggested by Backplague didn't fix it. Basically if i start a world in Tekkit, it has only a few mods (like zooming in) are engaged, but nothing like Industrial Craft, BuildCraft or Equivalent Exchange. Also, when I try to join my server it says I need basically every mod in Tekkit to join, so it seems none are recognized. The server console window says I attempted to join with the following:

CodeChickenCore 0.5.2


NotEnoughItems 1.2.2

My friend's situation is almost identical, so yes, any ideas would be appreciated.

EDIT: I tried DeathxxAngelXX's idea of clearing the cache, and deleting the .techniclauncher, but it did not fix the problem. For the record, I am also using the recommended builds.

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