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What Is With the Tekkit Servers?

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Not trying to complain, but it's gotta be said this way. It's the thought process. 


Basically, every Tekkit server out there is one of several things:


a) No PVP, no grief, no raid, whitelist sometimes and..... inactive.


B) PvP, grief, raid, the entire world covered in crap, everyone too busy killing each other and stealing your stuff so that nobody ever does science except the quantum donors.


c) Any scenario, but with a list of banned item lists so long you might as well be playing vanilla with OptiFine and some pipes.


So I'm just wondering, is this what Tekkit is about? Killing, stealing, destroying peoples' homes? I thought it was about science, magic, and building and creating amazing things limited only by your imagination. I enjoy playing multiplayer. Voltz is one thing, it's all about nuclear missiles and laser turrets. But Tekkit is about creating and imagining. I'm just wondering if I view Tekkit in a different way from everyone else. 

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Not all servers are like that. I'm going to be setting up a Tekkit Classic server, with a toggle option for pvp, you can claim your building with a golden shovel (if you don't log on the server for 2 weeks it will automatically unclaim your claimed area), I will have no banned items (obviously some restricted items). I also play on some fun servers that aren't how you described Tekkit servers to be like.

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