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  1. I've tried out dozens, I guess they're just not on the lists. Also I'd like to point out, for the record, that the golden shovel claiming plugin is very weird and requires a LOT of time to claim a simple house.
  2. Not trying to complain, but it's gotta be said this way. It's the thought process. Basically, every Tekkit server out there is one of several things: a) No PVP, no grief, no raid, whitelist sometimes and..... inactive. PvP, grief, raid, the entire world covered in crap, everyone too busy killing each other and stealing your stuff so that nobody ever does science except the quantum donors. c) Any scenario, but with a list of banned item lists so long you might as well be playing vanilla with OptiFine and some pipes. So I'm just wondering, is this what Tekkit is about? Killing, stealing, destroying peoples' homes? I thought it was about science, magic, and building and creating amazing things limited only by your imagination. I enjoy playing multiplayer. Voltz is one thing, it's all about nuclear missiles and laser turrets. But Tekkit is about creating and imagining. I'm just wondering if I view Tekkit in a different way from everyone else.
  3. IGN: ThuBioNerd Real name: Nathan Time zone: Est Something about myself: I love Tekkit and I love basically building anything possible. What language you speak: English What do I want to do on this server: Build a laboratory and maybe later a factory complex or larger laboratory, maybe castle or bunker Do you have a Youtube channel: Yes, I might do some videos as well. Thanks for reading.
  4. Age: 14 What would be your goal? Well, depends. I usually start out with some sort of lab and do stuff and build gadgets, but sometime I may decide to construct a factory complex. Why should we whitelist you? Because I think I would be a useful addition to the community. While I don't know much about ComputerCraft, RedPower computers, advanced wiring, and some of the more obscure mods, I'm no noob, and won't be begging for questions every second. I also have been looking for servers like this for ages, but the few that are posted get ignored by their makers after the first few whitelists, and I'm hoping to find a nice, quiet server in which to settle down without huge spans of depleted landscape from 40some players and without some sort of factions war going on and just do science and magic. IGN: ThuBioNerd
  5. IGN: ThuBioNerd Age: 14 Location: USA, EST What I can bring to the server: Myself, whatever creativity and tekknikal knowledge (see what I did there...) I possess, and hopefully a new and good addition to the community. Some stuff about myself: I've been playing Tekkit for about 2.5 years, and I am pretty experienced with BuildCraft, IC2, EE2, and RedPower 2, but I'm definitely not a master, especially with computers, coding, etc. I need tutorials or pro help for that. I got into Tekkit because of the Yogscast, especially Duncan, and he especially opened the world of modpacks for me. I accept the rules. I would like to join because I have been searching and searching for god only knows how long for a non-faction/PvP/grief/raid-oriented server without basically every item removed and a good community and uptime. On the server I'll usually build a laboratory or some building in which to work, and I try to think about nature - no spamming the catalyst or mining laser. Later on, however, I may also build a factory complex and maybe get a monopoly on some complex things like electronics, but though I'll like to think of myself as an insane scientist/business man, I won't decimate huge swaths of land frequently, and on the one or two occasions where I may need to drain an ocean or such, I'll do it far away. I have a question, are there any banned items on this server, and if so what are they?
  6. How the heck can carbon-plated walling whither away in sands that quickly? xD
  7. Exactly what I was about to say. It's not about UE anymore. :/ Yes, tanks with chargepads sounds awesome! And of course they don't use the system, guns use bullets, explosions, and kinetics, not electricity.
  8. Dude, none of those things work. Some stupid PowerSuit glitch.
  9. So I am looking for a server sort of like that of the Yogscast, with no grief, no PvP (unless both parties agree), and no banned items, on which I can play with friends and have fun. Whitelist is preferable, as is minimal lag. Hopefully no griefed environment. No banned items. Mature players. I can be on quite often and know quite a lot about Tekkit. Please respond bellow with the ip, a couple of specs, and the whitelist format (if whitelist server) and I will post the whitelist on this thread or somewhere else if you will tell me where or link me. Thank you! Hope to hear back!
  10. Yeah Duncan's done that spaceship thing in Yogcraft, and he uses levers. He's got a node on his. You could make it bigger to hold chests, a nether portal, and maybe even some machines and solar panels. ;)
  11. So I've been looking high and low for a Tekkit server which, for lack of a better description in brief, is like that of the Yogscast. Oh, I've found plenty. But no one ever gets back to my wl apps or they're closed or they are riddled with banned items (which I can understand because there are a LOT of idiots out there). So I'm making this thread on which people can post about said servers. Here are the specs I am looking for: NO banned items NO factions Preferably not much lag 24/7 Whitelist (Because that's always a nice extra precaution) NO PvP NO grief NO raid NO grief Preferably not many members I guess I should amend this last bit. If you've seen some of the YC videos then you know that every now and then they have a little tiff, and that's great with me, but I don't want an anarchy or factions server. In other words I want a nice, quiet server with a lot of great, mature people who love Tekkit and love building Tekkit stuff and I can build my lab and/or factory in lovely quiet. Perhaps I can make some vids on this server. Please get back to me soon with this format: Your server's name and ip A bit about the server (how many people play, etc.) Preferred format for the whitelist app I will post the whitelist app here unless you want to link me a page unless you prefer otherwise. :)
  12. How do I make a thread on Technic? Yes I know this isn't the place to ask it but I couldn't make a thread for it because I don't know how and that's what I'm asking about plz answer.
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