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How do I suggest a mod to the Tekkit modpack


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The Technic team is dedicated to the launcher/platform and generally does not concern itself with pack contents - that goes even for official packs like Tekkit. Your only chance is to directly suggest it to the maintainer, which has been Skuli for the current (1.6.4-based) Tekkit, and is now IskanDar for what has tentatively been called Tekkit 2 (based on 1.7.10, unreleased).


However, please don't bother Skuli, as he has quit and Tekkit is without a maintainer. It is unlikely to change any more, and that is a good thing, given the state of Minecraft 1.6.4 at this point.


For the next, to-be-released version, you might approach IskanDar. But if you do, please be polite and leave it at a suggestion. It might be best if you just posted your suggestion >here - I don't know if IskanDar even reads this, but at least it will be somewhat orderly with the other suggestions in there. I also recommend that you write a few lines on why you think that mod would fit into the pack. With actual arguments, not just "because it's teh awesome!!11".

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I usually assume that others know their manners, but many Minecraft users are kids, some of whom tend to be impolite or even obnoxious. Of course, I was not implying that you are one of those, just hedging against the possibility that you might be.


I took the opportunity to update my own suggestions in >the thread I linked, so feel free to add your suggestion there.

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