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Quantum Assembler - Input...


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Hello Guys,


Back in the older versions of Tekkit / Atomic Sience it was possible to put Dark Matter in the Quantum Assembler (Atomic Assembler) by pipes or me network.

Till now im still guessing how its done today... Almost every pipe seems to have no issues at all to get items OUT of the Quantum Assembler.

But getting items IN the Quantum Assembler seems like impossible.. Tried all the different pipe systems with no luck; ME/TE/BC/EU.


I have a screenshot of my old setup back in 2013  :hchatter::


Am I doing something wrong?



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Till now im still guessing how its done today...

Simple: It is not done at all. Atomic Science is an old, derelict mod that only still exists in Tekkit because Tekkit itself is old and derelict.


I never used AS Dark Matter myself, so I can't help you with this particular issue. As for pipe systems, maybe try Item Transfer Nodes from Extra Utilities. If those can't catch it, probably nothing will. And make sure to check if a simple buffer chest can help you, i.e. dropping the items in a chest and putting an Import Bus on that chest.

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