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Tekkit Server Not Working. Need Help!


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I have been trying to set up a tekkit server all day and I am now at the end of my tether.  I set up the server just as I have been told to do.  Put my IP into the server setting files and hit enter on the Launcher.  The CMD launches and I go to Tekkit and enter the Ip.  No connection.  The CMD hansn't installed all of the files.  So I try the Mincraft server included.  The world works but there are no Mod ores or Rubber trees.  I have been trying every setting, incuding changeing the Launcher RAM settings, to no avail.  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?


p.s. Im using Hamachi, and yes my Comp has the ram to run it.

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You do not need to supply the IP to the server. It is only needed for the client to locate the server - note that when using Hamachi, you need to use the Hamachi IP of the server.

If you don't have mod ores, you likely failed to use the launch script and managed to start a vanilla server. Always use the launch script - and keep in mind that your now-generated world won't have any modded content in the chunks that were already generated. So maybe restart from scratch.


If you require further aid, please take it to the tracker.

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No, not the launcher. The launcher is client-side and responsible for getting the actual game ready for joining players. The server has a launch script: launch.sh for Unix/Linux/MacOS and launch.bat for Windows. If you fail to use the script and just start the server by executing one of the JAR files, it won't run properly. You need to run the script, either from a command line or from a properly designed desktop link that calls it.

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