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[Question] Are Watermills bugged in Tekkit Classic?


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I used to play Tekkit and Tekkit classic but broke away from it as the mods changed. I came back after awhile to fiddle around, and...I made Watermills, and they have some odd behavior. 


They will produce power if I put a bucket of water in them, but not if there's water around them, in any form. Except on the first tick of the server. On the first tick of the server, they'll produce 2 EU per mill.....I've tried multiple configurations, as well as using different version of Tekkit Classic, up and down from recommended, and even went to other version of Tekkit to see if it was the server or something; Watermills work fine in those.


My question is, is this a known problem, and where can I look to fix it regardless? 

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