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Factory block (Furnace, crafting table all in one)

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Factory mod Idea

The idea is that there is a factory block which combines a furnace and a crafting table together. The layout is just to boxes and on the left you put your items and on the right it shows you what you can make (kind of like crafting table III). You could also make upgrades for speed. ore duplication and adding a brewing stand to it which I have a cool idea for where you fill the factory with water and you only need an empty bottle to make a potion.


​Imagine you were making a potion

To make a fire resistance potion all you need to do is put in 3 sand, blaze rod, nether wart and slime ball. It smelts the sand for you and crafts it into a bottle and then fills it up and adds the nether wart to it and crafts the blaze rods into powder and then into magma cream. Finally it adds the magma cream to and and you are all done when all you did was put in the ingredient and it's all done automatically!



If you are interested in making this mod, leave a reply for me so I know.


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