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Technic won't update.


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I have been playing with the Technic pack quite a bit lately and the problem is it won't update. it says "checking for updates" and then logs me in without updating and I can't even update manually.

Can anyone help me with this? I don't understand why I still have the weapon mod and forestry.

Edit: Sorry I just realised I posted this in Tekkit instead of Technic.

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Which pack have you selected? Technic, or Tekkit? Tekkit is updated to 1.2.5, and does not have Balkon's weapons nor does it have Forestry. Technic, however, is still running 1.1, still has Forestry and the weapons mod, and will only update if you use the development build, which is not intended for actual gameplay, and does not include all the mods included in the recommended build of Technic.

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