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  1. I'm not sure about disabling block damage, although I would start by simply looking through the config file for both mods. If you cannot find a way to prevent block damage, the option remains to use a plugin capable of disabling specified crafting recipes.
  2. One day and one week are two very different lengths of time.
  3. So not only are diamonds rare, durable, and useful... But they have the potential to also be the most delicious gemstone!
  4. What's great about UE mods is that they tend to play nice with most of the other energy types.
  5. We just need to find the right seed!
  6. If you have a pack with IC2, you can use the Matter of UU. course, that would only allow you to get feathers and leathers relatively late game. That might be a bit of a pain. However, if you have that much time, maybe you can think of more clever rhymes!
  7. Lear85

    1 Chest

    12 stacks of wither skulls, 13 stacks of soul sand. The remaining space goes to dispensers and redstone dust. You know you want to.
  8. You can easily order one in the mail. They're usually bundled with completely unrelated items such as microwaves, refridgerators, and large amounts of fruit.
  9. Which version of IC2? I think it's 369... But I'm not entirely sure. EDIT: Yup. 369.
  10. Yup. That's where the reactor itself comes from.
  11. Based off of the commits to Nuclear Control, it was probably added along with the update to 1.5.
  12. It's an Advanced Industrial Information Panel. Two, really. I just tilted them in different directions and changed the colour.
  13. Buckets of electricity? IC2 cables don't connect to it, and don't carry the generated "power". Oddly enough... Liquiducts connect. They can't transfer any mysterious liquids from it though.
  14. I must admit, the structure is very attractive. I'll probably be more likely to utilize it once my power generation is more stable.
  15. That also allows for much cheaper auto-crafting. AE's automatic crafting devours energy, and requires a rather large and expensive multiblock structure.
  16. Did you calibrate the tri-phased megapixel aggregators? Those used to always trip me up.
  17. Ye gods, does nobody else see it? This can only be the work of Jorcer! He used his viking hacker magic to log into your account! Lucky for you, our benevolent god of the internet saved you from certain doom.
  18. Sev is banned for calling .sev() without any arguments. And no semicolon.
  19. Thy mother is so overweight, she is often mistaken for a lady of great wealth and fortune!
  20. jonjon1234 is banned for having the most uncreative profile picture ever. Half the people here have that!
  21. I'm aware that most people here are not proficient in medicine. However, I'm looking wherever I can, in hope that at least one person has been to or knows someone who does know their shit.
  22. So, I've been searching for a good neurologist or doctor, one available in Sweden or who has connections there. My girlfriend has run into some particularly nasty medical issues, so I'm searching everywhere I can for an idea. This may be an odd place to put this, but I'm at a block so I'm looking wherever I can. The doctors she has seen so far have no idea what's going on, so we're both starting an extensive search for a bright medical mind. Does anyone have a name I could direct her to?
  23. Finding a relevant thread before posting is good. Necromancy isn't. Try completely deleting the .dat file. I haven't seen its removal cause much harm. A mysterious extra file may cause problems depending on how the mod is written, but I'm not sure. Try manually re-installing railcraft, making sure you have the correct version. Although you must be using an older version of the pack, as railcraft is not in the newer versions due to CovertJaguar's request. EDIT: What do you mean by "client/server"? Are they both throwing the same error? That seems rather odd. EDIT II: I would also recommend that the deletion of railcraft.dat go into Common Problems and Solutions. While the mod is no longer in the pack, many people manually install it or use an older version containing it, and thus it would still be relevant to a lot of the users experiencing this error.
  24. What is your Minecraft username? Lear85 How old are you? 16 In what country do you live? United States Will we find a ban record of you on a banlist like for example mcbans.com? Certainly not! Have you read through the thread as you should to avoid unnecessary questions later? Certainly! What is the command to claim a chunk? (Answered in the thread) Certainly "/chunk claim"!
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