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Considering Going Public


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I currently host a private sever for some friends, and would go public except that I cannot figure out how to set up permission-specific worlds so that I can have a world that only my friends have access to.

My server does not and will not have a whitelist, and as such default permissions are quite strict. Whenever a new person joins, I will do my best to give the proper permissions as quickly as possible, although there will be a wait period to help lessen griefing. I am in college, however, so I may not get to people right away, and I apologize if this happens.

I am running my server off of my computer, which travels with me for vacations, so there will be times when the server is down or will have a different IP, but I will try to keep this to a minimum. When not in transit, my server is up 24/7, barring computer issues.

I would post a link to the dynmap of my server, but I am currently having a SNAFU with upgrading Dynmap to Tekkit 2.0. I should have it resolved over the weekend, and will get a link up ASAP.

If I'm forgetting to address anything, or you want to know more/help me out, let me know!

EDIT: here's the link to the Dynmap. Sorry it's in IP form, I don't know how to rename this stuff.

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