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Bukkit - Tekkit Compatibility

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Looking for someone out there that might be able to either point me in the right direction for my soon to be RPG server.

I'm assembling the server today and most likely tomorrow, and testing over the next couple weeks. Currently the only thing holding me back is the ability to block specific users/classes from using specific recipes.

Bukkit has a few plugins, like RecipeManager, and BanRecipe, that have compatibility issues. (BanRecipe is known to not work, working on recipemanager now to trial on the server)

If anyone has an idea for a plugin i can use, or if anyone is creative and capable, and wants to make or edit an existing plugin like this that i can use, i would greatly appreciate it.

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I can't find it on the plugin list anymore, but if you can find "RecipeRepo" that has worked for me using item ID's, tho I am having issues with removing bans on the Balkon's WeaponMod items, I can get most of the items unbanned, but some items seem to be stuck banned such as the diamond halberd or warhammer

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