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Awesome job.

You next project should be a locking system for the print head and a 6-axis worm drive so you can move the whole printer to a new location then print out a new building. Maybe also a quarry head or programed mining turtle so it can clear the print area.

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reptar: we are currently working on the video, and yes it actually works ^^

Neowulf: thx, but could you give some reference as to what you mean by both the locking system, and the 6 axis worm drive?? we got in some real arguments as to what you ment, though they did spearheaded some new ideas too

Maybe we should give a little info on what it currently can do.

1 we have 2 heads on it at the moment, 1 with multiple outputs(upto 16 difrent outputs)(ie. place different kinds of blocks beneath it) and one for simple objects with only one kind of output (placeing a single kind of block)

2 we have made a system that can refill the heads with blocks as needed, currently with only 9 different outputs(might have to change that later)

3 it works on 3 axis and cant move out of it's current placement

we are currently working on.

some of these are posibly what you guys ment, and if that was what you ment then thx for the idea :)

interchangeable heads, including a destroy head for clearing the area(working on the mechanics, the codeing will come later)

moveing the entire structure to a new location(working on the mechanics, the codeing will come later)

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Locking the head would be adding a deployer/breaker combo to place a frame that connects the crossbar and the printhead pylon together into one continous frame, so it can all move at once.

Compact 6-axis inchworm drive:

Allows motion across all directions. Great ship drive.

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