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[1.2.9f]GamerzAddiction Tekkit! [PvA][25Slots][Economy]- Let's reach the stars together!


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Server IP: mc.gamermanh.com OR mc.gamerzaddiction.net
-Currently running tests for minigames like SG and Spleef in Tekkit-


Once upon a time I ran a server called GamerzAddiction. We went strong and hard for 2 years but eventually folded. During that time we experimented with a Tekkit Classic server, but didn't go too far with it. I am now reviving the good ol' days with this server! This IS a WIP (work-in-progress), and any help is appreciated. I'll accept any players that come to have fun, not ruin people's days. So come on, join us, have some fun, and watch as we grow and make the server a more fun place to play!


*Pictures and other such supplemental info will be posted once I have more to show! If you help do some work it may get shown here!*



Server Rules:


- Don't abuse any non-patched glitches, report them to me instead!


- Don't be a terrible person


- Other than that, have fun. Grief and such are a-ok here! (if you are griefed, exact revenge with a posse or something!)






- Essentials & GroupManager


- WorldEdit and Guard (to protect essential server functions)


- Anti-Griefing tools just in case of glitch abuse or accidental admin mess-ups (sometimes I go all mad scientist and that doesn't end well)


- Tekkit Restriction

- A fully functional economy. T
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