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Need Help, I am stuck


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Dear Players of Tekkit and the community of the TechnicPack Forums,

My online name is OpenWorldAddict, and I have been doing a Minecraft Galacticraft Tekkit Livestream for the last two weeks on twitch, and I've reached a point where I am stuck. Here is the link to the latest video tour of my complex that I am building during the livestream which I uploaded to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SQDh9tN2Q4

The problem I am having is that I have gathered a ton of resources, have built my Steam Dynamo, have connect it with my leadstone energy conduits, which originally lead to my circuit fabricator. However i removed it when I realized that my circuit fabricator required diamond, of which i had yet to find. The problem I had next is figuring out what in the world am I going to build next.

Of course, my focus for the livestream (which is going on hiatus while I go on a trip for a couple of weeks), is using galacticraft to get into space, and build a space station, a moon base, and mars base. However, I have other goals in mind. The area I cleared is for my factory, which is not only for the galacticraft stuff (gather fuel and oxygen, building the rocket, etc.), but also to automate many common tasks. One of my big goals for the factory is an completely automated smelting operation. The goal is that I put in the ore, cobblestone, sand, or what ever else I want to go into the furnace, into one place, it automatically gets carried to the furnace which uses electricity instead of fuel, and then the finished product gets sorted by type of item. That way crafting and building resources are constantly being made with little input from me. That would definetly help my Galacticraft operations, allowing me to focus on the important stuff.

Do you have any advice?

Even though I have explored a vast cave network which is just amazing, I have yet to find diamonds. I have two more questions:

1. the steam dynamo requires a fuel source, such as coal, charcoal, or wood. You can only put 1 stack of 64 fuel into the dynamo at a moment.

Right now, I have a sem-automated smelting system where I hopper takes coal or charcoal from a chest, puts it into a furnace. Another hopper takes the ore from another chest and puts into the furnace, and then a final hopper takes finished ingot and puts into another chest. The question I have is can I attach a hopper to the Steam Dynamo, and just fill the hopper or a chest above the hopper to the steam dynamo with coal or charcoal to continuously feed fuel into the dynamo without me having to come back to it every so often to put fresh fuel in.

2. I find it wasteful to keep the dynamo going when it is not attached to anything that uses the energy the dynamo creates. However i realize that once I do have my machines running and if my steam dynamo runs out of fuel when I am not around, my whole factory will come to a stand still. Would it be a good idea to attach energy cells to my grid to store up extra energy in case that situation happens, and can I keep the energy in the energy cells while the Steam Dynamo is still going so that the machines only get energy from the energy cells if the Steam Dynamo stops producing energy?

So that is my questions. I hope some people here have some answers for me so that I can get out of this rut I am in.

Again, if you want to know what I have done so far, just look at the video that I have linked above which gives a tour of the complex I have built. I hope that video makes the answers to my questions come easier.



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