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  1. AetherPirate

    Getting back server

    You'd have to speak with whoever that server host was. But I REALLY doubt any host would keep a non-paying customer's data for 2 years.
  2. AetherPirate

    Launcher wont load

    Uninstall Java 9 Install 64 bit Java 8
  3. AetherPirate

    Server Running Crash Course

    In order to make a server for Modpack without a ServerPack, please read this tutorial from the Technic Help Site:
  4. AetherPirate

    Use FMLCommonHandler.exitJava instead error

    use pastebin for logs, and include the whole log, or better yet, use the technic discord for troubleshooting
  5. AetherPirate

    RAM Problem

    This snipped from the Technic Discord will fix you: You're running a 32bit Java version on a 64bit Operating System. This will prevent you from allocating more than 1GB of ram to the Technic launcher. In order to update to Java 8 64-Bit, please follow these instructions: 1.) Close the Technic launcher. It should not be running! 2.) Open in your web browser 3.) Download the version that has 64-bit in it for you operating system. If you're using Windows download the one that says Windows Offline (64-Bit). 4.) After the download is complete. You must install it. You can do so by double clicking on the icon to run it. 5.) After it installs start up the Technic launcher again. 6.) Click on Launcher Options in the top right of the screen. 7.) Click on the tab called Java Settings 8.) Click on the dropdown called Minecraft Java Version and select the option that says 1.8_151 64-Bit. 9.) Click the dropdown called Memory and select an option that's between 2 GB and 4 GB. Do not select an option higher than 4 GB!
  6. Waiting for a 10k x 10k world to pre-generate. How many days....

    1. JaariAtmc


      If you don't run into any chunk errors, and there is no one playing on the server, I'd say a few hours.

    2. AetherPirate


      Two days. It died a few times, had to re-start it, but it picked up where it left off. Having a pre-gen map really does make quite a difference though, it is MUCH faster to explore. 

  7. If this is your server pack, remove client-side mods, like damage indicators. 

  8. Rotarycraft and Reactorcraft are awesome. Unforgiving, but awesome. 

  9. AetherPirate

    New here? Welcome to planet Tekkit!

    On the launcher, hit the Modpack tab, and browse the packs that others have made. I bet someone has already made one that you'd like. The most popular ones tend to be the best maintained.
  10. AetherPirate

    Technic 2.0 on USB?

    Cool, good to know.
  11. AetherPirate

    Technic 2.0 on USB?

    Doesn't it have to authenticate to Mojang servers when you login? Maybe there's a cracked work-around, but I doubt you'll find help here if that's the only solution. I think your machine has to have internet to do this legitimately.
  12. AetherPirate

    Let's test Tekkit 1.2.10c beta!

    You may want to make your own custom modpack with the new tech mods yourself. No waiting, and it'll have exactly what you want.
  13. AetherPirate

    Let's test Tekkit 1.2.10c beta!

    Check out There you will find custom modpacks that probably have what you're looking for. Many run 1.7.10 versions of mods. I'm on this one: It's less than a week old, everyone's getting a fresh start.
  14. AetherPirate

    Let's test Tekkit 1.2.10c beta!

    I'll get around it it... Probably by the time 1.9 is released.
  15. AetherPirate

    Let's test Tekkit 1.2.10c beta!

    I've moved along to a custom server that has many elements that Tekkit has, but added mekanism (which is awesome), minechem, and many extra utilities. It also has galacticraft, which I enjoy very much, it's quirkiness can often be overcome with other mod's tools. It's a 1.6.4 pack, but the mods it's composed of all seem to have a future.
  16. AetherPirate

    New here? Welcome to planet Tekkit!

    Thanks for this intro guide, I am relatively new to Tekkit and love it. Your info was invaluable to providing a fun start. Been playing about six weeks, off an on as work allows. Have a base stuffed with machines now, a big AE system, powersuit, built a Big Reactor and a couple turbines. Got my ass kicked on the Moon (pre-powersuit, plan on returning). Just got done removing all my quarry pipes after discovering Tesseracts. Poking into the MystCraft mod now. Kudos to the Tekkit modpack authors, you guys rock.