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  1. You must zip it in .zip format, renaming a .rar file to a zip does not make it a zip.
  2. attachments do not work, you will have to use pastebin
  3. Yep, missed it. Do this http://download.uskarian.net/technic/clearJavaEnvVars.bat
  4. If you have Nvidia, update your driver.
  5. You'll have better luck in the solder Discord, address in the docs
  6. Your SSL certs are broken somehow. This tool may help https://www.digicert.com/util/repair-intermediate-ssl-certificate-errors-using-digicert-utility-for-microsoft-servers.htm You could also stop by the Technic Discord and drag a log into the chat, the bot there will probably have an SSL fix for you too.
  7. This is a very, very friendly server. It is refreshing to play on a server with a small but growing community whose primary interest is helping each other out. The primary focus here is building, mostly cooperatively. I am looking forward to stopping back in to play more, after some additional mods have been added (I'm spoiled, need my tech mods).
  8. works for me Some of your mods, like NEI, are very old. I suspect you are not getting your mods from trusted sources.
  9. Pack is built, testing and building a basic spawn now. Here's a peek at what I've been up to. PvP Yep, you can thwack each other to death now. But not in the Overworld. The Overworld is strictly NOT PvP. It is turned off in that dimension, and FTB Utilities is available for you to claim land and build large, sprawling bases with no worry of griefing, stealing, or raiding. A builder's paradise. So where can you PvP? EVERYWHERE ELSE. Any other dimension is open season on players, .There is even a special 2nd Overworld dimension where you are encouraged to build a base with your faction and attempt to defend it. FTB Utilities will not help you here, you cannot claim with it. Instead, you must use the tools Territorial Dealings (https://wildwestscifi.net/coding/12607-minecraft-forge-territorial-dealings) gives you. Claims blocks have an upkeep now in the form of diamonds, emeralds, and gold. Fail to place payment in your Vault and those blocks aren't yours anymore. Upkeep happens every Minecraft day. What mods are new?: DefenseTech, Modular Powersuits, MFFS. Most of the rest of the mods from the old pack are here too, and have been updated. When will it open so I can play? Soon -- with luck, perhaps later today. I need to make spawn, eliminate duplicate ores, and test some things, perhaps tinker with some recipes.
  10. Your bin, mods, and config folders are inside another folder, they should not be. Zip then up, and name that modpack.zip
  11. Your modpack.jar is named modpack.jar.jar.
  12. You have two Zerocore mods, and this pack is quite large, and is probably an absolute RAM hog. Allocate more ram, fix your duplicate mods issues.
  13. That buildcraft check is a red herring, ignore. Pastebin a link to your pasted crashlog or fml-server log
  14. 1.11.2 is more demanding than 1.2.5, especially RAM, and your PC is a bit of a potato. This may help: https://asie.pl/Projects/Minecraft/Mods/FoamFix/ Turn down all your in-game video settings But you will have to lower your expectations a bit I think.
  15. Sounds like a crappy server, cut your losses. Substitute money for time in these articles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escalation_of_commitment https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunk_cost
  16. They are using Solder, it updates differently. http://solder.io/
  17. Your changelog won't display on the launcher window, just that it was updated to version x.x. Players will need to click onto your technic modpack page, and click Changelog to see the text you entered.
  18. Tekkit logs are at: %AppData%\Roaming\.technic\logs use pastebin, don't spill the logs into a forum post. It is also worth checking this:
  19. Go to their respective mod author or Curseforge sites and get them.
  20. Try removing / reinstalling 64 bit Java, if that does not work, use this tool: https://www.digicert.com/util/repair-intermediate-ssl-certificate-errors-using-digicert-utility-for-microsoft-servers.htm to fix your SSL certs. Make sure the day / date / year is correct on your PC as well.
  21. See this you are affected by this issue:
  22. Send him to the Technic Discord, easier to troubleshoot there https://discord.gg/tanWRjC
  23. Step One for you is to get your mods from a legit source. Nothing else can happen until that is done.
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