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  1. Hello, I had a similar problem when making my modpack. But now I have successfully made it. If you can say you've done all these steps your modpack should work just fine. Make sure you have your version of forge named modpack.jar and put it in the bin folder (not modpack.jar.jar) Make sure you've changed you end of your dropbox link from =0 to =1 Make sure you compress the FILES INSIDE (bin, config, mods, etc.). Select all of those folders, then press compress 5 items or whatever it says. Then you used the .zip it makes and put that in dropbox.
  2. E0N

    Modpack trouble

    I was using 1.7.10. Also thanks, but I figured everything out.
  3. I just reinstalled my modpack, it then showed all the runs installs, and likes up-to-date. Hopefully this works for you too.
  4. Just checked and my modpack has done the same. It might be a problem on the server side. Even the modpack version updates didn't always take up to an hour.
  5. I have the same problem, but considering that technic takes about an hour just to register modpack version updates it might take the same amount of time or even longer to update the views / downloads.
  6. Hey, So I've been working at my custom modpack for a while now, almost a week. I still am unable to get it to work. I encountered a different number of problems, it loaded vanilla minecraft, when I fixed that it loaded FML but none of the mods included in the mod folder. I'm confused as to what I am doing wrong can anyone help me? Here is the link the modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/shenron-chronicles.1029511 Btw I am on MAC but I can still compress folders. Should I be using a different website instead of dropbox?