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  1. Running tekkit, not classic or lite. Messing with force fields, have a problem: Any attempt to make one bigger than 10 or 11 results in holes, even though I have sufficient power, the projector is full for forcetron. I stuffed it full of capacity and speed upgrades, and did my coercion and capacitor too. Power seems to not be the issue. Bug, or me overlooking something / being stupid? '>
  2. '> Can I use a mulitmeter to measure Tesseract energy output? The turbine is on, and is making RF. The Tesseract is attached to a power tap. It is on channel one, the redstone signal option is disabled. It is set to "send energy only" It reads zero, not sure if my teseract is not sending, or if I am using the wrong tool to measure, or if I am measuring at the wrong place. I am playing the most recent version of Tekkit (not lite or classic)
  3. 25% seems high to me for same dimension. I may edit the config file for that.
  4. I thought that was only inter-dimensional, does that 25% hit occur even going overworld location A to overworld location B?
  5. You might try playing with the rendering distance (make it shorter), and try Max FPS, and other video settings in the Options menu, especially if you are using a texture pack. As for Java, I removed it all, and loaded just the 64 bit version so I could set my allocated ram higher. It seemed to help me.
  6. And if your reactor is pumping out more than 10,000 RF, you'll need that Tesseract, or multiple power taps to avoid wasting power.
  7. Thanks for this intro guide, I am relatively new to Tekkit and love it. Your info was invaluable to providing a fun start. Been playing about six weeks, off an on as work allows. Have a base stuffed with machines now, a big AE system, powersuit, built a Big Reactor and a couple turbines. Got my ass kicked on the Moon (pre-powersuit, plan on returning). Just got done removing all my quarry pipes after discovering Tesseracts. Poking into the MystCraft mod now. Kudos to the Tekkit modpack authors, you guys rock.
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