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  1. Found it NEIServer Config got to add , ALL to the setting you want your players to have please lock
  2. Hey everyone, I have a mod pack with a server with it, it's going great other then for the fact my players can't get access to the NEI Utilities like the set time day and turn rain off, I know we have had this setting in the past were they can just change it them selfs without given op if you can please take a look at my mod pack and tell me how to do that I would be much great full thanks! Mod: Mod Pack Page
  3. My Friend! I want to Thank you for your time! With your help and the video I just found on the propaganda forum, I was able to get it working! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
  4. ok so I want to make each folder a zip so they should be archived like,, and place the 3 zipped files into a clean folder name it without archiving that folder same folder then upload it to drop box as a normal folder then give that link to the modpack dashboard, sorry just wanted to be clear Edit- Today I learned Ctrl-click to archive the mod folders
  5. yea still the same issue
  6. ok for sure I renamed it from modpack to modpack.jar so I will remove the .jar but it will cause the same issue would you know what the next step will be?
  7. Hey everyone, I have been trying to upload and host my own modpack for my friends and I. the issue is I guess is a common one, When I go to play my pack it loads vanilla Minecraft after hours of reading fixes I can't find what I am doing wrong so if someone can please take a look at it and tell me what is wrong I would be great full! Link to modpack: