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How do i make a tekkit server(hopefully you have skype^.^)

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OK,so recently i have been trying to make a tekkit server,so i get thing going i get on for the first time and me and the buds are having a great time as usual..BUT when i close out of the cmd prompt that i made the server with it deletes the whole server..so if you're a nice fellow and would like to help me out.Thanks!

(also leave your skype name if your willing to help me out unless you have a remarkable skill of making it clear over typing)

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I assume you mean that minecraft isnt saving your world changes.

Pressing the little X at the top of the cmd window can cause loss of world data as the chunks may not save as you are not closing the server gracefully.

Try stopping the server with /stop (type it into the cmd window) in future.

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