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  1. Ah good man, i forgot about defining enviroment variables in batch scripts with the percent symbols!
  2. Unsupported major.minor version 51.0. You need java 7 :)
  3. Do you acctually mean Advanced OpenGL...? Your question confuses me, as Minecraft is rendered on your screen using OpenGL Technologies - So, Yes... MC allows you to use OpenGL, as thats all it can use. If you do mean Advanced OpenGL then great, enjoy slightly better cloud rendering. Optifine can acctually make minecraft worse on less powerful systems unless tweaked. Here is how to get max FPS out of optifine: For maximum FPS use: - Graphics: Fast - Render Distance: Short/Tiny - Smooth Lighting: OFF - Performance: Max FPS - AdvancedOpenGL: Fast - Clouds: OFF - Fog: OFF - Animations: All OFF - Sky: OFF - Stars: OFF
  4. add the word 'pause' (without quotes) on the next line down in the batch file... This will stop the batch file from closing itself when it gets to the end, so you can see the error. If it is saying that it cant find the java.exe at the location given, perhaps you have got 64bit java & OS, so change the path to read: "c:\program files (x86)\java\jre7\bin\java.exe" However, if the above works, you are not running the correct java bit version... you want to install the 64bit version from here: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  5. Turn off bukkit version checking in your bukkit.yml file I dont know, best way is to install the plugin and test I'm not near a tekkit server atm to check this, but inside mod_ee.props file i think you can turn off the furnace in there. - i might be wrong tho.
  6. Only way to make quarrys/etc only work in their own towns is to block placement of the block itself for people who do not live in/own that town (which towny does anyways i thought?)
  7. change the bat file to: "c:\program files\java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui Give that a go :)
  8. As said, you can try it - but your users may have to update their clients to join your server.
  9. Sorry, I'm not working on anything Tekkit at the moment as described in a few posts before this one. I think that i read someplace that IC2 on version 1.97 (Tekkit uses 1.95) correctly tunnels its block/damage etc stuff thru bukkit, so when the next tekkit is released (which is currently in the works) it should be fixed... hopefully. You could try to replace (backup original first!) your ic2 mod jar file with one from here: http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=Ports_for_1.2.5 But this might make it so that your clients also need to update their IC2 before they can join your server.
  10. I guess that the devices that harm players (such as the mining laser) isnt going thru bukkit (suprise suprise...). For this reason, you cannot block pvp actions for some items that bypass bukkits plugins. This is also the case for the Katar and others, i think there is a patch for these here tho: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/patch-for-ee-mining-tools-no-more-griefing-with-them.6642/
  11. As i am sure most of you are aware, i have not done anything with tekkit recently in regards of patching or making new improvements to already existing plugins. More as a formal thing, any updates/fixes/additions that i have planned have been put on hold while i code something else for minecraft. I will contiune to provide support where i can on these forums tho Just thought some people would like to know.
  12. Surely if you are behind a proxy, minecraft SMP wont work anyways? (assuming your trying to play SMP over a secured network, such as a school or work place) Correct me if im wrong, i am interested :)
  13. No Problem, Keep your kisses for someone else though lol
  14. Two things here: 1) Web Servers are not built for hosting game servers, you need a dedicated unit for this - sure, it might run but it will fill up your web space allowance quickly - plus most web servers are not that powerful as they are only distrubuting files. 2) Giving access to some random person you met on the forums to your server is a baaaaaaaaaaad idea.
  15. I assume you mean that minecraft isnt saving your world changes. Pressing the little X at the top of the cmd window can cause loss of world data as the chunks may not save as you are not closing the server gracefully. Try stopping the server with /stop (type it into the cmd window) in future.
  16. Hi dude, Instead of using [rmfurnace] use the item id. I'm at work atm, so i cant tell you what the item id is, but enable Item ID's within NEI and hover your mouse over a RM Furnace. Replace [rmfurnace] with its ID, for example: [90] ignore-groups=Luke,Admins on-place=deny,tell
  17. I have a feeling your request will never see the light of day, mainly because you can still power BuildCraft engines with EU
  18. Yeah as said above, LWC works fine anyway
  19. Turning it off does not solve the problem, there are other methods out there to attempt to help fix the problem while still having EE enabled, which i was pointing out in my prev posts - people that still want EE will just have to put up with its so-called "issues". As i've already said, the mod is fantastic and grats to the people who have made it, im sure that SuperXElite also thinks the same of EE, i do not understand why you are getting so angry at a civilised and calm discussion.
  20. I have the EE Machines in my server set to only 4x their normal workload, not 16x as per default, and as World Anchors are allowed on my server, this stops players getting a very large amount of items by using a energy condenser and some relays while they are offline. The problem i have found with the mods in Tekkit, is that you can create near enough everything in game within a few days, and you can get bored of the mods quite quickly, so any attempt to keep players on the server for longer (aka waiting for longer to get materials) is a plus for me. Everyone has their separate way of attempting to fix a problem :)
  21. EE has its good points and bad points. I'm somewhat on the fence about EE - for example: EE would be great if CPW did not just do a carbon copy port, but instead improve the port somewhat in order to add support for bukkits BLOCK events (setting them cancelled for example) ofc i am thankful that he has ported it at all! However, EE is as good as the server admin sets it, sure people say "OMG U R CAN MAKE SO MANY DIAMONDZ!" - and yes this is true, however if the server admin made the machines less effective (via the .props file) this solves the issue of spewing out diamonds at an alarming rate. End of the day EE is a fantastic mod and massive kudos to the people who made it - it just needs refining a little.
  22. Please post your groupmanager configuration files via pastebin, or simply use a YAML parser on them yourself to find the problem location.
  23. Does it still white screen if you were to start a new world? Might be a chunk error thats being sent over to the client, causing the client to fall over.
  24. It only blocks the usage of items in an area, for example: Team A have a region that Team B cannot build in, thus Team B are now also unable to access Team A's tekkit machines/engines/chests etc with my fix. It does not stop crafting stuff, or acctually being able to right click with stuff either.
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