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Tekkit server mod version mismatch


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I'm new to Tekkit, I have a server up and running and when logging in and looking through the console I noticed I'm notified there's a new version of a galacticraft. This got me thinking, it's not just me on this server so if I updated galacticraft to the current version, but everyone has standard version that the tekkit launcher installs what will happen? I would think they're connection would just be rejected but I was wondering if tekkit would handle this differently. 

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That's the Galacticraft website. You can find the latest 1.6.4 version there. As tekkit is still in 1.6.4, the 1.7.10 versions will not work in your pack. 

No one knows when the official tekkit pack will update. I've made my own tekkit inspired 1.7.10 pack. Give making a pack a try, it was fun to learn how. Or browse the many packs on the launcher. 

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