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Roll up! Suggestions, Please!


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So, in response to Backplague's super awesome 'Plague Corporation', I have decided to start a series whereby I attempt to top his efforts, legitimately,

this time with an emphasis on style over substance. Ya know, miles and miles of automated cake and cactus farms.

But I came across a plan; to form a fully fledged gaming channel out of it.

How do I make it unique? Well, I'm told I'm a funny guy, with not-quite-sandpaper-but-more-emery-board dry humour, so improv and first impressions, I can do.

But I need good content to put out. So that's what this temporary thread is for,

to give me some ideas as to what people would be happy watching for 20 odd episodes of schadenfreude, discovery and inane witty banter on.

I already plan to do 'Moogle's Adventure In...' for Tekkit, Kerbal Space Program and Just Cause 2. But the odd standalone/bandwagon won't hurt in getting me further up the road to stardom.

Thank you very much!

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