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Need Desperate Help with Tekkit Server! :(

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Hi All,

Well after a long frustrating 4 hours I have resulted in posting on the forums.. I just cant seem to get my Tekkit server working... I have watched multiple tutorials and read a lot of forums and guides and set up a server and I was able to join it but none of my friends could.. I have tried with and without white lists and done everything possible to try and get it to work.. also when ever I was on the EE2 mod wouldn't work I was only getting basic textures and whenever I interacted with any of the condensers etc my game would just crash.. I believe that the server connection issues may be related to port forwarding however I have also done lots of research and set it up but it still wont work! do I still forward my ports to 25565? or does Tekkit use something else?

My Modem is a DGN2000 Netgear if that helps..

Need help... :(



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I... dunno... your problem... it's so... vague.

C'mon, instead of signing your post, and telling us your modem, and whining about how long you have spent doing whatever the hell you did,

how about telling us what you have actually got set up, and what steps you have taken to resolve your problems.

Also, do some better research before replying to me, your thread was a mess, and any small amount of looking at the stickies would have prevented that.

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