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[0.6.5]Delta MC[PvP/PvE][16 slots][No Whitelist]


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Delta MC is a small Tekkit Lite server hosted in the UK. Online 24/7

IP Address: delta.nitrous.it

Official site: www.delta.nn.pe

Dynmap: map.delta.nn.pe


Delta MC is a server with a community that just want to play tekkit together. Our players help each other out, build projects together and generally have a lot of fun. That is our objective. There is a server theme of build whatever you want, so long as you think it looks awesome. We also are a multi-lingual server, players are free to join no matter what language they speak and we believe that it helps you to meet new people and find out new things.


This server is aimed at people who just want to play tekkit, so we kept the original mods to prevent having to disable any in order to play.

We do have some Bukkit plugins installed though:

DeltaSecure - Our custom security plugin

SimpleBackup - This stops any loss of data.

Griefprevention + Forge Permittor - Create a claim to protect your stuff

Playtime - View time spent on the server in-game and here

Logblock - For admins to rollback any grief.

Essentials - So many commands. Use /tpa to teleport

Dynmap - View our server map here

Banned Items

Nukes and TNT, explosives basically

Server Rules

No Griefing

No Swearing

No Cheating

No Spamming

Anything else that may upset players or stop them having fun

All Quarries should be covered over after they have finished. We recommend placing the block underground to save time.

Any broken rules will result in kicking, jailing or banning players.


Once a player has played for at least 100 hours and has contributed to the server, the owners may consider promoting the player to moderator. Staff are able to moderate the server, issuing punishments for any broken rules if necessary. Staff are still unable to use explosives.


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